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Fixing a broken gas tax could fix broken roads

Gas tax income is falling as cars get more efficient. Can drivers stand to be taxed per mile driven instead?

Climate & Energy

Shell gets massive, involuntary aid package from Alaska, U.S. Coast Guard, and you

Here's how many resources the state and Coast Guard used to help rescue the Kulluk -- and how they'll try to get repaid.

Business & Technology

Stephen Hawking will now be studying apocalyptic robots

Stephen Hawking has joined the Cambridge Project for Existential Risk, a group that tries to outsmart our eventual destruction at the hands of forces we are not imaginative enough to even anticipate.

Business & Technology

Chevron is pleased with how much money it made last year, which is nice

Glad to see someone's happy.


Happy 25th anniversary, San Jose’s useless light rail!

God bless the South Bay for trying. But it isn't working.

Climate & Energy

The New York Times dissolves its environment desk

The news isn't necessarily as bleak as it sounds -- and probably reflects worse on its competitors.

Business & Technology

RE-volv is making a community pot of solar gold

A new project aims to finance solar-power systems through a replenishing community fund -- and it's seeking donations.

Business & Technology

The sharing economy: Grist’s theme for January

When we start substituting sharing for buying, fascinating changes -- disruptions, opportunities, and maybe even climate benefits -- can follow. We'll explore them this month.

Climate & Energy

Colorado to scrutinize oil and gas pollution

The state, which is seeing lots of fossil-fuel extraction, plans to test water near drilling sites and study methane emissions.