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Facebook’s new roof is greener, more expensive than yours

Facebook is putting an amazing green roof on its new building in Menlo Park. It's going to be big and elaborate. You can only see it if you get a job at Facebook.

Ask Umbra: Watts up with lightbulbs?

A reader wonders which type of lightbulb is greenest. Umbra sheds some light.

Fracking drives potentially explosive demand for potentially explosive ammonia factories

You know that ammonia plant that blew up in Texas? The U.S. could soon be home to a lot more of those, thanks to low natural gas prices.

Wisconsin left way, way behind in wind energy boom

Wisconsin added just 18 megawatts of wind power capacity in 2012, compared with more than 100 in Michigan and more than 300 in Ohio.

Keystone kartoon: The animated history of the Keystone XL oil pipeline

You've seen our illustrated history of the Keystone XL pipeline. Now, you can enjoy it with snazzy sound effects.

This bipartisan energy-efficiency bill might actually be able to pass Congress

Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Rob Portman have a new bill that aims to improve efficiency in commercial buildings, manufacturing, and the federal government.

One ag-gag bill is dead in California, another is approved in Tennessee

These bills, which hamstring activists who try to document farm-animal abuse, are spreading across the country, but California refuses to play along.

Fertilizer facility blast in Texas claims multiple lives, destroys homes

A fertilizer plant exploded in rural Texas on Wednesday evening, killing at least five people and injuring more than 160.

ExxonMobil deserves a pat on the back for Arkansas spill response, says congressmember

ExxonMobil spilled some 200,000 gallons of oil in Mayflower, Ark. But don't be too harsh on the company, says Rep. Markwayne Mullin.