Business & Technology


Faux meats get a boost from horsemeat scandal

Sales of frozen hamburgers are way down in the U.K., while sales of frozen fake burgers are way up.

Climate & Energy

Fort Collins, Colo., passes fracking ban; state and gas industry threaten to sue

The Fort Collins City Council voted to ban fracking within city limits. Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper says the move is illegal and the state will sue.

Business & Technology

This soccer ball generates energy while you play

Soccer is a cool, continental sport. Now it is also green, thanks to this energy-generating soccer ball.

Business & Technology

Fly to Mars in a spaceship made of poop

A rich dude wants to send people to Mars. They're going to give them a nice poop shield though, so they won't die.


Is McDonald’s coffee really going greener?

The company says it'll spend $6.5 million over five years to help Guatemalan farmers grow more sustainable beans.


13-year-old genius from Kenya is saving lions with LEDs

Richard Turere's invention will keep lions from killing cows, which will keep humans from killing lions.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is melting open the North Pole

By 2040, ships could start traveling right across the North Pole, according to new scary research.


Amtrak is making a comeback, kinda

Ridership has grown by 55 percent since 1997 and is now at record levels, with over 31 million travelers annually, says a new report from Brookings.

Climate & Energy

China keeps making new green pledges

From a carbon tax to investment in air-quality upgrades, China is taking action to clean up its filthy environment.