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Bills to ban fracking in California move forward

An Assembly committee gave a thumbs-up to three bills that would impose a moratorium on fracking until the state studies the environmental and health impacts.

Electric vehicles could stabilize grid, make money as batteries

EVs are now starting to store electricity and then sell it onto the power grid when energy prices are highest.

Save water, energy, and money by wearing this shirt you only wash three times a year

The founder of Wool&Prince wore the prototype of the company's button-down shirt for 100 straight days.

Venture capitalists are funding green food innovation

Silicon Valley investors are channeling money into food-related startups that aim to make agriculture more eco-friendly and food more healthful.

England has a McDonald’s University, and it’s almost as competitive as Harvard

Want a career in fast food? You can go to McDonald's U -- if you're one of the lucky 7 percent who get accepted.

Keystone XL oil would be processed in sick East Texas community

Manchester, a Houston neighborhood, is where tar-sands oil piped through Keystone XL would be refined. The community has enough problems already.

Louisiana Senate kills a bill that tried to rein in dispersants

A bill calling for toxic oil dispersants to be used only as a last resort was quashed after the oil industry voiced its opposition.

Beleaguered bees catch a break as E.U. bans dangerous pesticides

The European Union is imposing a two-year ban on three types of neonicotinoid pesticides that have been found to seriously mess with bees.

Just stick this portable outlet to your window to start using solar power

It is really simple. The socket attaches to a window like a leech to human skin. On its underside, it has solar panels.