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Italy seizes wind and solar trove from Mafia

The biggest ever seizure of Mafia-linked assets has transferred ownership of 43 wind and solar energy companies to the Italian government.

Climate changes for wine regions could mean hangovers for wildlife

Researchers predict a two-thirds fall in production in the world's top wine regions by 2050, which could push vineyards into critical wildlife areas.

For the price of the Iraq War, the U.S. could have gotten halfway to a renewable power system

If we had spent $3.9 trillion on building renewables instead of fighting in Iraq, we could be generating around half of our electricity from clean power today.

Why tar-sands pipelines are just too risky

Pipeline spills are happening more frequently in Upper Midwest states where tar-sands oil is more commonly transported.

Ask Umbra: Which newfangled eco car is better?

A reader wonders whether he should buy a hybrid or a PZEV. Umbra says why choose just one when you can have both?

How capitalism stacks the deck on disaster

From Hurricane Sandy to the Chicago fire of 1871, money determines who goes down and who leaves the scene of a disaster in a better position than before.

Frackers lose $1.5 billion yearly thanks to leaky pipes

Methane leaks are "super low-hanging fruit": Fixing them may be the single biggest step the U.S. could take toward meeting its emissions-reduction goals.

Crude awakening: Exxon’s Arkansas oil spill ain’t pretty [SLIDESHOW]

ExxonMobil assures us that EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY COPACETIC in Mayflower, Ark., where a ruptured pipeline blew tar-sands oil all over residents' yards and into streets, streams, and a nearby lake. Mmm hmm ...

James Hansen says natural gas is worse than nuclear

If forced to choose between a world powered by natural gas or nuclear, which would you choose? If you chose natural gas, you just hypothetically killed a bunch of people.