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Major grocers on frankenfish: ‘Hell no, we won’t sell that!’

Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and other grocery chains say they will not sell genetically engineered AquAdvantage salmon.

Climate & Energy

Maryland pushing ahead on offshore wind farm

The governor's plan to bring a 200-megawatt offshore wind farm to the state finally got the OK from the state legislature. Now on to the next hurdle ...


Lose the girdle: Sustainable ‘Mad Men’ fashion for plus-sized awesome

Anslee Connell is one of the few full-figured designers making her fare out of recycled fabrics. And she hopes her work will empower women to feel good and do something awesome.

Climate & Energy

Abu Dhabi mega solar plant will free up oil to export

The largest concentrated solar power plant in the world will cut 175,000 tons of CO2 emissions -- and let the United Arab Emirates send more crude our way.

Climate & Energy

More coal-fired idiocy and mendacity in Nevada

The notoriously filthy Reid Gardner coal plant has been falsifying pollution data, and Nevada officials aren't doing shit about it, so the nearby Paiute tribe is filing suit.

Climate & Energy

Los Angeles to ditch coal by 2025

"The era of coal is over," says L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The city's utility will make up the difference with renewables, efficiency, and natural gas.

Climate & Energy

Beaver dams block Chevron oil spill in Utah

Thousands of gallons of diesel spilled into a river in Chevron's third pipeline spill in Utah in three years. Two oil-coated beavers were rescued.

Climate & Energy

Bipartisan support for distributed clean energy, in Iowa of all places

Republicans and Democrats recently came together to advance a bill that would encourage ownership of small-scale wind power by farmers. Is it a sign of things to come?


Farmland prices soar — along with farm debt

Never mind the drought: When the farmland price bubble pops, America's farmers could be under water.