Business & Technology

Zappos CEO wants to lure Las Vegas residents out of their cars

The idea? Help people give up the headache of auto ownership by turning transportation into a service.

Good news, Arkansas: Tar-sands oil isn’t oil-oil

The federal government doesn't consider tar-sands oil to be "oil" -- which means Exxon might weasel out of paying for damages.

The drought is drying up all our ethanol

After getting slammed last summer, ethanol producers are hoping to catch a break -- but their fate is far from settled.

We’ve got white roofs, so how about pastel pavement?

Out in California, Lawrence Berkeley Lab has a little showcase going on that demonstrates this simple idea.

Selling solar power in India’s slums

The country is fast outgrowing its electric grid. Are small-scale solar projects the solution?

Earth-cooling schemes need global sign-off, researchers say

Radical geoengineering projects could have disastrous impacts on the world's most vulnerable people, raising the need for global oversight.

Gene discovery could breed veggies for a warmer planet

Scientists are making progress in developing a GMO lettuce that can grow in scorching heat. Um, yay?

Bacon-flavored mouthwash should probably become reality

A bacon-flavored mouthwash that's entirely vegetarian? Too good to be true. Also, not true.

Canadian officials in uproar over pipeline video game, not over actual pipelines

A game funded by a public broadcaster has players build virtual oil pipelines, which virtual opponents can then blow up.