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Utilities for dummies

How can we boost distributed solar and save utilities at the same time?

Distributed power threatens to send utilities into a death spiral. Naturally, they would like to slow it down. Is there any way for distributed energy and utilities to get along? Maybe!

Just, um, do it? Climate action, sponsored by Nike

The Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy coalition wants President Obama to see how expensive climate change can be.

Coal-mining jobs on the rise under Obama

Despite industry claims of a war on coal, there have been 15.3 percent more coal-mining jobs on average under Obama than there were under Bush.

Slingshot-based condom applicator definitely deserves a $100,000 grant

Jörg Sprave's condom gun is obviously the answer to giving safe sex more universal appeal.

Using aging, retrofitted pipelines to ship oil — what could go wrong?

Decades-old pipelines have been quietly retrofitted to carry thick, corrosive petroleum products. Maybe it's time for a rethink.

Michigan neighbors sue to shut down new wind farm

Property owners say nearby wind turbines are causing them health problems. Meanwhile, a new paper finds no evidence that "wind turbine syndrome" exists.

Utilities for dummies

Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities

Rooftop solar panels and other distributed-energy tools will radically shake up the power sector, according to an unusually frank report from a utility trade group.

North Carolina joins rush to protect animal abusers

It's the latest state to consider a bill that would crack down on animal rights activists who expose cruelty at factory farms and food processing plants.

nuclear plant

All U.S. nuclear reactors are too dangerous, says former nuke-safety chief

The 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. have an unfixable safety flaw, according to Gregory Jaczko, former chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.