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Tar-sands oil spills in Arkansas and Minnesota

A major spill from an Exxon pipeline in Arkansas caused 22 homes to be evacuated. It came just two days after a spill from a train in Minnesota.

Subaru finally introduces a hybrid; crunchy yuppies rejoice

Just 16 years after Toyota first started selling the Prius, Subaru has unveiled its own hybrid. Urban hipsters and Portlanders are excited.

Country’s biggest utility power provider gets into the distributed-energy game

NRG, which provides power to utilities, is starting to sell power-generation options directly to consumers. This is the beginning of utilities being edged out of the power game.

Pesticide makers want you to save the bees

Manufacturers of bee-killing pesticides say their products are safe -- and they think you should be doing more to help pollinators.

Gas fracked in America will help keep the British warm

The U.K. is running short of natural gas, so one of America's charitable fracking companies plans to send lots their way by tanker ship.

Distributed energy: Driving the ghosts out of the machine

The electricity system is undergoing the same transition -- from centralized control to loosely coupled networks -- that has been seen in other areas of thought and technology. Also, Descartes something something!

Frackers dodge responsibility for earthquakes, science be damned

Substantial evidence has linked fracking to earthshaking. What now, oil and gas?

How much is a beachfront home in the Sandy-ravaged Rockaways?

Homes ripped apart by Sandy are proving to be magnets for bargain hunters -- but not everyone is getting a good deal.

How to power America with renewables on the cheap: Build a shit ton of wind and solar capacity

The U.S. could get virtually all of its electricity from clean sources by building a “seemingly excessive” amount of capacity, a new study finds.