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Sen. Reid proposes chopping $4 billion in oil subsidies to help the economy

With damage from spending cuts already being seen, an end to oil subsidies would be welcome but nowhere near enough.

Business & Technology

BP’s federal penalty for the Gulf spill is final: $4 billion

Here's a little context for the "largest criminal penalty" in history.


Good news for peer-to-peer car-sharing

Lyft takes off in California, clearing a regulatory hurdle and expanding into L.A. Meanwhile, Getaround is getting bigger in Portland.

Climate & Energy

U.S. lags woefully behind other rich countries on energy taxes

We'd rather spend $16 billion on a year's worth of crop insurance than 35 cents more for a gallon of gas. And don't even think about a carbon tax.

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Multinational oil companies, 2; sovereign nations, 0

Shell beats back a lawsuit over pollution in Nigeria, and Chevron scores a point in its fight to avoid paying for its mess in Ecuador.

Climate & Energy

How coal is keeping its firm grip on miners and elected officials

A lawsuit against a whistleblower, huge contributions to Congress: The coal industry spends big, but it still won't spend to clean up its act.

Climate & Energy

TransCanada accidentally starts building Keystone XL on land it doesn’t own

It probably got confused after sniffing tar-sands fumes.

Business & Technology

Adorable 10-year-old entrepreneur runs a business collecting recyclables on his bike

What did you do when you learned about Earth Day in school? Make a little diorama? Vanis Buckholz started a business. When he was 7.

Business & Technology

The secret to the sharing economy: ‘You don’t want the drill — you want the hole’

Shareable founder Neal Gorenflo talks about crowdsourcing his life, his decision to give up his beloved surf wagon, and how sharing is reshaping the economy.