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Something is leaking from the Deepwater Horizon site, but it’s not clear what

We have some theories.


Controversial California oyster farm fights to stay

Environmentalists are split: Should they support a sustainable oyster operation or pure, seal-friendly wilderness?


NYC’s public transit system will raise fares — because what choice does it have?

The hike may be less regressive than you'd assume.

Climate & Energy

California releases draft rules for regulating fracking

The state doesn't seem to be very worried about earthquakes, though.

Climate & Energy

Caught on video: Mudslide from rain-soaked hill derails freight train

Luckily, the train wasn't carrying anything too toxic. But is this a preview?

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Markese Bryant: From the mean streets to the green economy

When he was 20, Bryant was arrested for selling crack cocaine. Today, he's fighting to give African American youth opportunities that he never had.

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Walmart bribed its way around Mexico’s environmental rules

Millions in illegal payments paved the way for new Walmart stores in environmentally fragile and congested areas south of the border.

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An oil spill at a bird sanctuary caps Staten Island’s terrible year

Knock on wood, anyway.

Climate & Energy

By 2017, the world will be burning enough coal for another U.S. and Russia

Burning all that additional coal will add some 3.4 billion tons of additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year.