Business & Technology

Scientists can 3D print lifelike tissue using only oil and water

You need only a few simple ingredients to make something amazing.

Nevada utility: Screw this, coal is more trouble than it’s worth

NV Energy has been shamed and embarrassed by the Reid Gardner coal plant one too many times. Now the utility has decided to get out of the coal game entirely.

China is building buses so enormous that cars can just drive underneath them

The Chinese have invented a bus you can drive under. Let's get some of them. Now.

Arkansas town in lockdown after oil spill nightmare

ExxonMobil has instated something like martial law in Mayflower, Ark., taking control of cleanup and wildlife rescue operations while keeping residents, activists, and reporters at bay.

Zappos CEO wants to lure Las Vegas residents out of their cars

The idea? Help people give up the headache of auto ownership by turning transportation into a service.

Good news, Arkansas: Tar-sands oil isn’t oil-oil

The federal government doesn't consider tar-sands oil to be "oil" -- which means Exxon might weasel out of paying for damages.

The drought is drying up all our ethanol

After getting slammed last summer, ethanol producers are hoping to catch a break -- but their fate is far from settled.

We’ve got white roofs, so how about pastel pavement?

Out in California, Lawrence Berkeley Lab has a little showcase going on that demonstrates this simple idea.

Selling solar power in India’s slums

The country is fast outgrowing its electric grid. Are small-scale solar projects the solution?