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Is the company behind GMO salmon the next Solyndra?

With the FDA only weeks away from announcing official approval of GMO salmon, parent company AquaBounty is struggling to stay afloat.

Huge, polluting container ships that carry all our stuff clean up their act

Everyone knows that our iPads, clothes, kitchen appliances, furniture—our entire lives, basically—are made in China. But everyone might not know the container ships that bring that stuff over to the U.S. are climate-destroying juggernauts. According …

Coming in 2013: Electric DeLorean!

The DeLorean Motor Company (not the original one but a reboot) will be coming out with an all-electric version of the iconic gull-wing auto in 2013 -- two years early for the events of Back to …

New Facebook app will let friends compete over energy efficiency

Companies large and small (including influential ones like Google) have been trying to convince consumers that they should actually use all the new smart-grid information to tamp down their energy use. So far, these programs …

New GE factory will spit out a solar panel every 10 seconds

China makes a lot of solar panels, but so does America. Or at least, it will, once GE's new thin-film panel factory opens in Colorado. The factory marks GE's new, large bet on solar, and states across …


MSM on Solyndra: It's not a scandal

Even as the Solyndra affair is being cast as a scandal, lots of writers and newspapers are saying the same thing: No wrongdoing has been uncovered.

Sustainable Business

Can smart consumption replace green government?

A couple of years ago we were promised the “greenest government ever” — not a difficult thing in the U.K., but it sounded fun all the same. Sadly, the green stuff that was a major …

Can luxury car brands market green vehicles?

Luxury car brands have a problem. They want to be green, honest! But luxury, according to The New York Times, means "bigger, stronger, faster." None of those adjectives translate into "fuel economy." They're trying, though! Aston …


House hearing marks new low in Solyndra witch hunt

Republicans are taking their Solyndra scandalmongering to the next level at today's hearing in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.