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faking an oil-gasm

BP photoshops clean-up command center picture

From Iranian missile tests to George W. Bush campaign ads, using Photoshop to make yourself look better is anything but innovative. Even more so because if you cut corners (literally and figuratively), you’ll probably get caught and wish you could photoshop yourself out of an awkward PR situation. BP is already in a bad enough PR situation, so someone must have thought, Photoshop? Why the heck not? Because this is a heckuva bad job at it: Houston, we have a problem with your Photoshop skills.© BP p.l.c. / Red circles by John Aravosis, Americablog John Aravosis at Americablog pointed out …

Breaking: normal people bike too

Bike branding moves from urban chic to mainstream

Fast Company‘s design blog reports on some inspiring advertising: Americans are riding bikes more than ever, yet cycling is still held up as some sort of cultish hobby relegated to aggro dudes with messenger bags who live and die by their fixed gears. So maybe it’s time for a new image, yeah? Colle+McVoy, a Minneapolis ad agency, has partnered with the coalition Bikes Belong to design People for Bikes, an ingenious bike branding campaign that presents a refreshingly sunny view of life on two wheels … The heart of the campaign is this cheery graphic, one of the best logos …

Sun for the roses

Solar startups take a shine to Portland

Portland, the new hub of solar power in the U.S.?Photo courtesy of Keith SkeltonBack in the 1980s and ’90s, the region surrounding Portland was dubbed the Silicon Forest for the cluster of computer chip companies that had flocked to Oregon to set up shop. Now those old-growth tech companies are giving way to a new generation of solar startups that are sprouting up around Portland’s green metropolis, sometimes in old semiconductor factories that have been revamped to produce photovoltaic modules. Germany’s SolarWorld built the United States’ largest solar module plant in the Portland suburb of Hillsboro in 2008, and on …