Business & Technology

Major coal company agrees to stop mountaintop-removal mining

Patriot Coal has agreed to a deal to stop mountaintop-removal mining, which the company says "will result in a reduction of our environmental footprint."

Google’s clean energy investments near $1 billion

This week, Google announced that it’s putting $75 million into an Iowa wind farm, making for a total of $990 million invested in clean energy.

Snow near tar-sands mines is contaminated, researchers find

A toxic substance found in snow near oil-sands operations could harm fish eggs, a new study suggests.

BP agrees to settlement reportedly including billions in fines, manslaughter charges

Billions of dollars in fines and manslaughter charges are key elements of a deal between the oil giant and the Justice Department, according to the Associated Press.

New York’s bikeshare takes another hit, this time from Sandy

Will the ill-fated program ever start renting bikes? Well, yes. But, man, it's been slow.

CDC warns about rampant, dangerous use of antibiotics on livestock

Factory farms' overuse of antibiotics is threatening the efficacy of the drugs on humans.

Algae biofuel hits (a few) West Coast gas stations

A handful of California and Washington fueling stations are selling biofuel made with algae oil. Could cellulosic biofuels be far behind?

How you can help clean energy eat Big Oil’s lunch

Activists are pushing for divestment from dirty energy companies. Let's couple that with investments in community-owned, small-scale renewables.

Increasingly costly coal plants may be retired early

Lots of old, coal-fired power plants are expected to shut down in coming years, says the Union of Concerned Scientists. All that poor CO2, all dressed up with no place to go.