Business & Technology

Obama signs bill exempting U.S. airlines from E.U. carbon plan

In his first post-election test on the climate, President Obama gets an F-minus.

Duke Energy hires a congressman

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) will soon be working on "federal affairs" for Duke. But don't worry. It's all copacetic and a good sign for the environment, according to a former Shuler employee.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, car companies are seeing the light

Automakers are experimenting with lightweight bodies and new engines to meet ambitious fuel efficiency standards.

FDA shutters tainted peanut butter manufacturer

In a first-of-its-kind action, the agency closes a plant linked to a salmonella outbreak earlier this year.

Will Jay Inslee, Washington’s next governor, fight coal trains?

Inslee got elected on a green platform with a lot of help from green groups, but he's remained silent on one critical issue: coal export terminals.

Earthshaking news from Mars, teaser edition

One of the Mars rover’s smart guys, Ken Herkenhoff, tells all about the “seven minutes of terror,” possible “touchdown” discoveries, and why the folks at Mission Control call Curiosity “she.”

Coconut-based contraption makes your bike sound just like a horse

Warning: Contains Monty Python jokes.

Attempts to kill renewable energy just got dumber

The Heartland Institute, last seen blithely celebrating its ridiculous anti-climate billboards, is excited about its new project.

13-year-old genius from Sierra Leone builds generators out of scrap, makes you feel dumb

With almost no training, 13-year-old Sierra Leonian genius Kelvin Doe makes batteries, transmitters, and generators out of scraps he finds in the trash.