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Greatly increased greenhouse gas emissions found at Australian fracking site

The source of the leaks isn't known, but it's enough to make scientists nervous.

Used electric-car batteries could end blackouts

It's hard enough to recycle the batteries that power tiny devices. What do you do with those ginormous batteries that store a car's power?

Good news for nostalgists: The debate over the Keystone pipeline has returned

With new protests at the White House and new pressure from the Senate, President Obama will soon make a final decision on the tar-sands pipeline.

Abusive slaughterhouse fined $500 million in massive meat-recall case

A company that tortured sick cows and sold their meat has been fined, but the feds still think the activists who revealed the abuse are terrorists.

Green progress in California could help the poor

Some of the money from the state's new cap-and-trade auctions will go to needy communities, thanks to a recently passed law.

The wind industry doesn’t seem to know how to win the most important fight of its life

With the clock ticking on a critical tax credit for wind power, the industry is keeping its fingers crossed.

A New Jersey plant is dumping millions of gallons of sewage into New York Harbor

Thanks to Sandy, the fifth-largest sewage-treatment plant in the country is dumping out 200 million gallons of partially treated sewage a day.

Oil rig catches fire in the Gulf, two reported missing [UPDATED]

A fire started up this morning on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. It's now been put out, but not before at least two workers were killed. Stay tuned for updates.

Hostess is going out of business, but Twinkies will live forever

The problem the company faced wasn't its food, it was its accounting.