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CDC warns about rampant, dangerous use of antibiotics on livestock

Factory farms' overuse of antibiotics is threatening the efficacy of the drugs on humans.

Algae biofuel hits (a few) West Coast gas stations

A handful of California and Washington fueling stations are selling biofuel made with algae oil. Could cellulosic biofuels be far behind?

How you can help clean energy eat Big Oil’s lunch

Activists are pushing for divestment from dirty energy companies. Let's couple that with investments in community-owned, small-scale renewables.

Increasingly costly coal plants may be retired early

Lots of old, coal-fired power plants are expected to shut down in coming years, says the Union of Concerned Scientists. All that poor CO2, all dressed up with no place to go.

Geoengineering: A mad scientist’s guide to fixing the planet

Climate change? Rising seas? Monster storms? Science can fix that, thanks to the miracle of geoengineering. Here's everything you need to know.

U.S. poised for energy independence by 2035 — and climate poised for collapse

The U.S. is on track to become the world's top oil producer, says the International Energy Agency. Does that sound like good news? It's not.

Lame duck Congress may decide whether to save lame duck wind industry

If they don't, it would be pretty... well, you know.

With pipelines delayed, tar-sands oil shifts onto trains

Protests have stalled construction of new tar-sands pipelines, so oil companies are now shipping their goop south by rail.

Chevron to poor California town: ‘Thanks, but we’d rather pollute’

Three months after a fire at Chevron's Richmond refinery, the oil giant says it is rebuilding to pollute as usual.