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The wind industry doesn’t seem to know how to win the most important fight of its life

With the clock ticking on a critical tax credit for wind power, the industry is keeping its fingers crossed.

A New Jersey plant is dumping millions of gallons of sewage into New York Harbor

Thanks to Sandy, the fifth-largest sewage-treatment plant in the country is dumping out 200 million gallons of partially treated sewage a day.

Oil rig catches fire in the Gulf, two reported missing [UPDATED]

A fire started up this morning on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. It's now been put out, but not before at least two workers were killed. Stay tuned for updates.

Hostess is going out of business, but Twinkies will live forever

The problem the company faced wasn't its food, it was its accounting.

They’ve made a car for women, and, surprise, it’s pink

Other than that -- just a car. It doesn't even have glittery exhaust.

Dole sued over dirty banana plantation

The world's largest producer of fresh fruits and veggies is accused of destroying wetlands and local farms in Guatemala.

Walmart wants to be sustainable? It should start with its labor force

Walmart is expanding its "Sustainability Index" to make its products greener. But it should start with its labor force: Workers are planning a big "Black Friday" strike.

ExxonMobil would like a carbon tax. Barack Obama would not.

No, that's not backwards.

Major coal company agrees to stop mountaintop-removal mining

Patriot Coal has agreed to a deal to stop mountaintop-removal mining, which the company says "will result in a reduction of our environmental footprint."