Business & Technology

U.S. oil production headed for 20-year high

The U.S. is now producing almost 6.7 million barrels of oil a day. So, um, yay?

‘Magic’: How New York dried out and fired up its subway system

The New York Times has the fascinating story of how the city's transit system was pulled back from the brink of disaster.

Smooth as Silk: How big brands milk small farmers for all they’re worth

Very few companies control most of the food we eat. In this example, we look at the outsized effect the Silk brand has had on the organic soy industry.

The fake ‘War on Coal’ continues, and a coal boss shares his prayer for a doomed nation

Post-election, coal stocks are down and coal-mine owner Robert Murray is praying for forgiveness for the "drastic decisions" he now must make.

This concrete can heal its own cracks, because it’s packed with bacteria

Most concrete is lazy. It sits around and waits for someone else to patch it. But not this, the Horatio Alger of concretes.

Four teenage girls in Africa have invented a generator powered by pee

We are jealous we didn't think of this first.

One day, your ears could power your hearing aids

Human ears are basically a fleshy battery.

Extremely bad news, everyone: McDonald’s sales are down for the first time in years

We'll get through this together, if we all promise to eat crap for a while.

Wind turbines: Wrong for Sandy, wrong for Colbert

A conservative columnist argues that oil was the cure for Sandy. Oil does not, however, cure stupid.