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Big Coal in big trouble as coal production costs rise

What's driving the decline of the U.S. coal industry? It's not just EPA regs and cheap natural gas. Coal is getting more expensive to produce.

This motorcycle runs on air

The O2 Pursuit has a top speed of 87 mph and can go 62 miles on one standard SCUBA tank full of compressed air. I

Nebraska says new Keystone XL route is slightly less likely to ruin state

Nebraska has assessed TransCanada's new proposed route for the Keystone XL pipeline and found it to be not as sucky as the last proposed route.

Energy company CEO: Why do we have to talk about climate change today?

Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning just wants to focus on cleaning up the mess he claims no responsibility for.

New technology could make your cell phone battery last twice as long

a company called Eta Devices, which spun out of MIT, has figured out how to make your phone's power amplifier much more efficient.

Chinese protesters kill plans for chemical plant expansion

Activists in Ningbo, China, hit the streets and succeeded in scuttling plans to expand a plant that produces the chemical paraxylene, or PX.

The Netherlands is getting a glow-in-the-dark highway

This is the Netherlands, which means it’s only a matter of time before they put this technology to work in bike lanes, too.

Mitch Lowe enlists an army of Zuckerbergs to save the planet

Lowe’s business accelerator launches companies that help us make better use of clean energy, from smart meters to sharable electric scooters.

Murray Energy employees write a clearly voluntary defense of their boss

Turns out that Robert Murray is basically the greatest American ever, so shut up.