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Super (gross) bugs

Flies and cockroaches carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria from factory farms, study finds

A fly’s paradise: Near a giant hog factory in North Carolina, downed pigs fester while sprayers spread untreated manure onto fields. Photo: Steve WingWhat sort of antibiotic-resistant pathogens are growing on factory farms, along with …

fishy business

Costco agrees to stop ravaging the oceans

Photo: Sharon MollerusIt only took eight months for pressure from Greenpeace to make food-hoard purveyor Costco stop selling threatened fish. Twelve species that appear on Greenpeace’s “red list” were also appearing on Costco’s shelves. Activists …


Google-backed startup claims energy efficiency breakthrough

Photo: Marcin WicharyOn Wednesday I joined a cadre of other reporters who had been summoned to the Googleplex in Silicon Valley for what was billed as the launch of a clean tech startup that has …


Your guide to a great green weekend in Portland

Portland’s swanky Sapphire Hotel.Photo: Sarah Gilbert Can you think of a greener city than Portland? Nope, didn’t think so. The City of Roses occupies a warm, squishy spot in the hearts of many a biker, …

how we rolls

Rolls Royce electric car will let blue-bloods go green

  Here’s what needs to happen for electric cars to become the new industry standard: They need to be seen as sexier, manlier, and more upscale than original fossil-fuel flavor. We know, we know, but …

it should just cut out the middleman and run for office itself

Big Oil lobby announces it will start donating directly to candidates

Apparently their current amount of influence isn’t good enough.Cross-posted from the Wonk Room. The American Petroleum Institute (API), Big Oil’s chief lobbying organization, will start directly backing political candidates in the second quarter of this year. …

dying to get to work

Sitting in traffic triggers more heart attacks than eating, alcohol, cocaine, and sex

Running your car in an enclosed garage is one way to kill yourself — so why do it outside?Photo: Simone RamellaSomeday our descendants will get around solely by hover-monorail and electric car, and it will …

The road to success

Do you live in one of the nation’s ‘smartest regions for transportation’?

You might not see much similarity between More people walk to work in Boston than in any other city in the country.Photo: Steve MinorYolo County, Calif., with its open farmland and small cities, and the …

High-priced voltage

Report: Californians paying too high a price for renewable energy

Is solar costing Californians a wad more than it should?Photo: Andrew MagillAre Californians forking over too much green for green energy? A new report [PDF] from a ratepayers advocacy group found that the price of …

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