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The fake ‘War on Coal’ continues, and a coal boss shares his prayer for a doomed nation

Post-election, coal stocks are down and coal-mine owner Robert Murray is praying for forgiveness for the "drastic decisions" he now must make.

This concrete can heal its own cracks, because it’s packed with bacteria

Most concrete is lazy. It sits around and waits for someone else to patch it. But not this, the Horatio Alger of concretes.

Four teenage girls in Africa have invented a generator powered by pee

We are jealous we didn't think of this first.

One day, your ears could power your hearing aids

Human ears are basically a fleshy battery.

Extremely bad news, everyone: McDonald’s sales are down for the first time in years

We'll get through this together, if we all promise to eat crap for a while.

Wind turbines: Wrong for Sandy, wrong for Colbert

A conservative columnist argues that oil was the cure for Sandy. Oil does not, however, cure stupid.

The coolest ways to charge your phone when you don’t have power

Post-Sandy, our idea of "emergency supplies" might expand beyond canned goods and water to include one of these cell-charging innovations.

This company cleans up nuclear waste by turning it into glass

Among all of the terrible ways to get rid of nuclear waste, there's one that stands above the rest for being a little less horrible: turning the radioactive parts into glass, a process called “vitrification.”

ExxonMobil contributes to Hurricane Sandy

$1 million dollars. What'd you think we meant?