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BP sells disaster site to pay bills from another disaster

BP is selling its refinery in Texas where an explosion killed 15 people in 2005. The money will go to clean up the Deepwater Horizon mess. The big wheel of life keeps turning.

A new ‘golden age of oil’ in the U.S.? Don’t believe it

Those like Mitt Romney who claim that the U.S. can achieve energy “independence” by 2020 are delusional. "Extreme energy" is an extreme dead end.

Finally! Chipotle signs deal to pay tomato pickers more

The agreement brings an end to a long fight between the restaurant chain and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

How to make energy journalism better

Media critic Jay Rosen asked David Roberts what kind of energy journalism the world needs. Here's the answer.

Green group buys up Wyoming oil leases to stop drilling

The Trust for Public Land has struck a deal to buy $8.75 million worth of oil and gas leases, to make sure the oil and gas don't get drilled.

More jobs lost as wind tax credit nears expiration. Congress, you listening?

A ball-bearing manufacturer in South Carolina announces plans to close a plant, thanks to GOP unwillingness to extend a key wind tax credit.

Scientists create digital watch powered by cyborg lobsters

We are not making this up: that is what scientists at Clarkson University and the University of Vermont College of Medicine call them.

Indian electricity and Nigerian oil: Lucrative targets for thieves

In India, about a quarter of all electricity is stolen or lost in transmission. In Nigeria, $7 billion worth of oil was pilfered last year.

Comically evil coal boss forces white-collar workers to give up cash for Romney too

The head of Murray Energy, who forced coal miners to attend a Romney rally, also demands that his management staff make political contributions.