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Warmer seas may release frozen methane into the sky forever

Which would be a bummer.

Internal documents show TransCanada hid pipeline flaws before 2011 explosion

Don't worry, though. Keystone is totally safe, except the part the company shut down last week.

WV coal protest: mine

Coal industry tanks as mining costs rise

Increased costs of extraction mean a tough situation for coal companies trying to fend off cheap natural gas.

oil refinery

As U.S. oil booms and refineries hum, why do we need a pipeline from Canada again?

Refineries are making money. Pipelines are being built. The U.S. oil industry is fiddling a fine tune as the climate burns.

Guess where all of our new energy came from last month? (Hint: Not coal)

At this rate, we'll be renewable-only just a few short decades after we're all dead!

Liquid metal battery inventor goes on Colbert, still manages to teach us some stuff

Donald Sadoway, MIT materials science professor and inventor of a new liquid metal battery that could revolutionize energy storage, went on Stephen Colbert’s show last night. The segment wasn’t all that funny, per se, but it was surprisingly informative — …

Americans spend $4.2 billion a year on gluten-free products

And spend absolutely nothing on free products. (See what I did there?)

By next year, you could go to work in a building powered by algae

It is literally a green building.

California’s biggest climate hawk comes under fire

A tight state senate race in California between long-time climate champion Sen. Fran Pavley and Republican Todd Zink has major significance for clean energy far beyond that state's borders.