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It's Showtime!

Enviros and Big Oil take their battle on the road

After our summer with the Senate, it's time to move on to something with a pulse. How about dueling roadshows, Enviros vs. Big Oil?

muscle car

Fred Flintstone wants this car and so should you

When your car is powered by pure muscle, backseat drivers are more than welcome. But to get your hands on one from HumanCar, you might have to get in line behind Fred Flintstone. Take a look at the future -- or is it the past? -- of transportation.

no props for you

Texas oil vs. California clean tech: the battle over Proposition 23

Out-of-state petro dollars have been fueling the effort to suspend California's landmark climate change law. Now the opposition to Proposition 23 is fighting back. The No on 23 campaign has forged a surprising new coalition of green groups looking to save the planet and the Silicon Valley tech firms, venture capitalists, and old-line corporations looking to profit from decarbonizing California.

What in tar nation?

Why it matters that spilled Michigan oil came from tar sands

Brace yourselves for this: An energy executive has been caught bending the truth to downplay an environmental disaster.

Hide and tweak

D.C. schools refuse to disclose food-rebate accounting

Attorneys for D.C. Public Schools have refused to release an accounting of more than $1 million in rebates received from corporate food manufacturers, claiming that details about the rebates constitute "trade secrets."


Will Berkeley become the electric car capital?

Electric cars are coming! And the $41,000 question (before rebates and tax incentives) is whether American drivers will buy them. We say keep your eye on Berkeley, Calif.

Friday flashback

Cars that run on crap, and 9 more green stories to amaze your friends

128-degree weather. Climate denying iPhones. Hair on snakes (just kidding). Don't miss this week's true tales of green.

Well done

The meat industry feels the heat as the sustainable-food movement gains force

Once, the meat industry acted with impunity, confident that its lobbying clout could deflect challenges to its practices. Now it's on the defensive.

The gulf at the gas station

Can we calculate the true cost of our dependence on oil?

A BP shareholder comes clean on big oil, the true costs of an increasingly dangerous dependency, and why BP may bounce back from this disaster virtually unscathed.

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