Business & Technology

Is ExxonMobil trying to pipe tar-sands oil through New England?

Enviro groups have gathered evidence suggesting that big oil interests want to send tar-sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to Portland, Maine.

Obama admin lays out welcome mat for big solar projects in the West

Six Western states could soon see new commercial-scale solar projects on public land, thanks to a plan from the Interior Department.

Anti-coal movement scores powerful new allies: Tribes

Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest are joining with environmental activists to fight coal export terminals in Oregon and Washington.

Robot sea turtles could help keep the ocean safe and clean

Scientists are developing a mechanical sea turtle that can patrol the oceans.

Nigerians take their case against Shell Oil to a Dutch court

Four men from small villages in the Niger Delta hope to hold Shell accountable for a series of pipeline leaks.

The greener the industry, the higher the job-growth rate

When industries make an effort to green operations, they add jobs, found a report from the Economic Policy Institute.

Massive offshore wind project could generate 70,000 new jobs

The Atlantic Wind Connection would also generate $19 billion in revenue for participating states. So that seems like a pretty good deal.

New York Times journalists detained while covering TransCanada protests

In a statement, the company said that the Times "did not have the right to report" at that location. Because the First Amendment is location-specific.

The food industry’s self-regulation is a spectacular failure

Rules that could help fend off food-borne illnesses are being held up at the White House.