Business & Technology

Bike-powered e-waste recycler could keep your electronics from murdering the planet

It's basically a grinder, attached to a bike.

A man, a plan, a pipeline: The tycoon guiding Romney on energy

Reuters takes a detailed look at the politics of Harold Hamm -- meaning the politics of Mitt Romney.

Shell building world’s biggest ship that will sail on ever-higher seas

It will be a floating natural gas refinery, since we need more of those.

Farmers begin ‘mass slaughter’ of animals as food prices spike

Over the short term, meat prices will drop as the supply spikes. But early next year, prices of staples and meat will rise.

Canadian gentleman willing to bet $7 on Keystone getting approved

He's like an ambassador or something? No idea.

Japan’s plan to phase out nuclear power lasted a week

The Japanese government has backtracked on plans to end the use of nuclear power.

Meet the only person who made money off the drought

Renee Haugerud is a farmer's daughter, but she's also the founder of a fancy New York hedge fund. These two attributes have made her basically the only person in the country to have come out ahead from this summer's terrible …

Michigan’s Jennifer Granholm plugs fuel economy, Chevy Volt

The former governor of Michigan talks to Grist's Amanda Little about the auto-industry rescue, Detroit's move toward cleaner cars, and that doozy of a convention speech.

Starbucks steps up for wind energy; Congress yawns

In a letter co-signed with 18 other companies, the coffee giant calls for keeping the wind production tax credit.