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Robert Murray

Comically evil coal boss forces white-collar workers to give up cash for Romney too

The head of Murray Energy, who forced coal miners to attend a Romney rally, also demands that his management staff make political contributions.

Enbridge doesn’t want to clean up its oil spill, it wants to go play

Sometimes, as any parent knows, you just have to put your foot down.

What’s inside your iPhone 5? [VIDEO]

Apple's newest release contains far fewer toxic chemicals than its predecessors, but that's still not saying much.

President Obama and Mitt Romney in the first of three presidential debates.

Debate debrief: No mention of climate, energy lies from Romney

In the first debate, Romney made bogus statements about stimulus funding for cleantech firms. No one made any statements about climate change.

Chinese company sues to buy wind farms; Warren Buffett has an easier time

A Chinese-owned company is suing Obama for blocking its purchase of four wind farms in Oregon. Warren Buffet has no problems buying wind farms in California.

Yet another oil sheen spotted in Gulf of Mexico

The government has spotted another oily mess in the Gulf. It isn't totally sure it's from BP. Yet, anyway.

Local chambers of commerce ask Romney and Obama for clean energy support

An alliance of 240 local chambers is calling for federal support for clean energy. Meanwhile, the U.S. Chamber drinks expensive cocktails made of gasoline.

New poll shows that politicians can say people like solar, if they want

American voters like solar, according to a survey by the Solar Energy Industries Association. But not all of the poll data is convincing.

How Apple Maps could save the planet

When it comes to energy efficiency, Apple Maps blows Google Maps out of the water.