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Junk-food manufacturers explore a new realm of advertising: Apps

The FTC's efforts to limit advertising to kids have hit a new stumbling block: iPhone games.

TransCanada’s push to build Keystone runs into Native American objections

The Canadian firm's efforts to build the southern extension of Keystone means that it needs to work with Oklahoma's sovereign tribes.

These wind turbines were modeled after stegosauri

Generally, gigantic engineering companies don’t truck with whimsy. But Siemens, which makes many of the wind turbines popping up on horizons around the world, has created a suite of new products that makes turbines more powerful and is inspired by …

Need a job? Skip Harvard. Try the South Dakota School of Mines.

Grads from the South Dakota school's mining program will earn a higher salary than Harvard grads -- at first.

Have you seen this radioactive fracking tool that Halliburton lost?

There's probably a reward, if you have.

Shell gives up on Arctic drilling (until next year)

Don't worry, America. Shell will try again next year.

Manufacturers of pink slime sue ABC for reporting on pink slime

A lawsuit filed by Beef Products, Inc., seeks $1.2 billion in damages, blaming its business problems on ABC's reporting.

Energy democracy: Three ways to bring solar to the masses

More Americans are getting their hands on solar, thanks to innovative new financing and ownership models that do away with high upfront costs.

By 2015, you could own an electric Batmobile

Rigid fuel efficiency standards and a willing auto industry offer promise that the electric Model T -- a car that will change the way the world drives -- is coming. But it'll probably look like the superhero car of the …