Business & Technology

IKEA plans to sell only LED light bulbs

Because IKEA is so fricking ubiquitous, this is actually a big deal.

Picking winners and losers: Coal boondoggle could cost Indianans $1.1 billion

A coal-gasification plant deal orchestrated by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) could cost state ratepayers a lot more than expected.

Chinese flag against sun

Chinese economic slowdown means less demand for American coal

China's economy is slowing down, and so is its steel industry, and so is the steel industry's demand for high-grade coal from Appalachia. That means plunging prices.

BP fined after it fails surprise spill-containment inspections

I'm sure you're stunned.

solar panels on roof

Georgia Power makes a big bet on solar

There's good reason to do so: Georgia has experienced a number of problems with hot weather leading to decreased fossil energy output.

Internet genius wants you to ride around in a series of 900-mph tubes

PayPal founder Elon Musk is getting sick of waiting around for someone to build a bullet train. So he’s come up with an idea he calls the Hyperloop, a sort of mega-fast Futurama people-tube situation that would get passengers from L.A. …

Climate change means you’re going to have to ski on snow made out of sewage

In the future, all the ski slopes will be doing what Arizona Snowbowl is doing this season: making snow out of sewage effluent.

Drilling in the Arctic is a bad business decision

Even if your company is less inept than Shell, the cost of extraction and the risk of disaster are too high.

EPA rules create $5 of good for each $1 they cost

Then why is the president being attacked for supporting them? Because of where the cost is incurred.