Business & Technology

One square inch of glass will make your data live forever

It’s nigh-indestructible.

For sale: Ocean floor, ready for drillin’

The government will auction off 38 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico to fossil-fuel extractors next year.

Soon we’ll be able to grow leather in a test tube

By the end of the year, scientists will have grown a piece of leather .787 inches by .787 inches in size, without killing an animal. That is the goal of a company called Modern Meadow, Fast Company reports, and its …


Three ways to fix the climate in 2012 and beyond

How can we move Americans more quickly toward climate action? Here are three answers.

We’ve got our red cup out, and we’re rattling it

There are only two days left to fund our Kickstarter project -- the documentary biography of an American icon. Help us out!

Amtrak high-speed train will be slightly higher speed for a little bit tonight

Amtrak is testing a train in New Jersey that will travel at 165 miles per hour.

The N.Y. Times tells us how much energy the cloud uses — but not why it matters

Pollution and waste are bad. But the New York Times' new series doesn't explain the context in which the internet's pollution and waste exist.

Saudi Arabia turns to its other natural energy source: the sun

Plans to build a huge solar installation near Mecca could be the first step in a transition away from oil.

This bike just might go 100 miles per hour

When he rides his new bike, Graeme Obree must look like a man who's been abducted by aliens and is struggling to get out of the weird, clear pod in which they've stored him.