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Business & Technology

Apple withdraws its products from national environmental standard

Apple's new MacBook laptops are hard to take apart, and thus hard to recycle, so they fail to meet one key green standard.

Climate & Energy

For the first time, America produces as much electricity from natural gas as from coal

And, remarkably, the U.S. produced more electricity from non-fossil fuels than from either natural gas or coal.

Business & Technology

Duke Energy CEO Bill Johnson resigns after one day, gets $44 million in severance

For his eight-hour tenure as top dog at Duke, Bill Johnson made a cool $44.4 million.

Climate & Energy

We’re fighting the wrong fights over energy subsidies

Clean energy subsidies are really very small in the grand scheme of things, says Michael Liebreich of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Consider that we're spending $83 billion a year just to patrol the Straits of Hormuz.


How environmentalists win

Bashing corporations isn't getting us anywhere. Major environmental reforms won't be achieved without corporate support.


I Am Not a Virgin makes cute clothes out of beer bottles and yogurt cups

These are maybe the most attractive “green” clothes we have ever seen: They’re trendy, they make your ass look good (or at least they make her ass look good), and they’re made in part from recycled glass bottles.

Business & Technology

Seaweed toothpaste can kill bad plaque bacteria

Researchers in England were studying seaweed enzymes to see if they could clean bacteria off the hulls of ships, when they were suddenly struck by inspiration. We imagine it went something like this: Bob: Dick, your breath stinks! Dick: Sorry. …


Let them eat kale: In Harlem, a farm share for the people

In order to get more healthy food to residents of Harlem and the Bronx, Corbin Hill Farm tweaks the community-supported agriculture model to work better for low-income people.

Climate & Energy

The future of solar

It'll be a while before we see the final shape of the solar industry, says Michael Liebreich of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.