Business & Technology

The Big Bank Theory

Is your bank funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Here’s how to find a new bank.

Dozens of big banks have made loans to the company building the controversial pipeline. Take your money elsewhere, advises Umbra Fisk.

Death and carbon taxes

Washington state voters rejected a carbon-tax ballot initiative.

I-732 would have been a groundbreaking climate policy, but it was opposed not just by big business but by many environmentalists too.

Joys of Catfishing

That fish might be lying about its identity, but it also might be more sustainable.

A new study suggests that mislabeled fish tend to come from less endangered varieties.

Where there's Koch there's fire

The Koch brothers and their buddies are trying to kill a carbon-tax ballot initiative in Washington state.

Oddly, that puts them on the same side as Van Jones, Naomi Klein, and some other environmental and social justice activists.

fossil fools

Oil industry’s sneaky plan could make it nearly impossible to ban fracking in Colorado

A ballot initiative might thwart efforts for local fracking bans.

You shook me oil night long

A big earthquake hit Oklahoma’s oil hub, and the oil industry likely has itself to blame.

Cushing, Oklahoma, was shaken on Sunday night by a 5.0 magnitude temblor.

Things and arrows

Here’s something that could make recycling a lot easier

Figuring out recycling can be vexing, but new labels now appearing on products should help, says advice columnist Umbra Fisk.

small wonders

Where’s the clean power revolution? Try small-town America.

An 8-minute documentary shows how communities are moving forward.

block party

Now you can use Google to organize your neighbors around solar.

Setting up a community solar project? Google's got you covered.