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T. Boone Pickens backs Trump, expects to be dead by the time country collapses

The 87-year-old oil billionaire used to oppose Trump, but now he’s ready to say what the heck.

Climate & Energy

The ExxonMobil refinery that exploded in L.A. last year is up and running again

The plant whose explosion injured four workers, rained chemical ash, and registered on the Richter scale restarted its refinery this week.


Will Uber and Lyft learn anything from their defeat in Austin?

If the ride-hailing companies are smart, they'll start to work with local governments instead of trying to bully them into submission.

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Keystone pipeline still a pain in nation’s butt

Pipeline boosters just won’t give up. Now they've joined a lawsuit arguing that Obama shouldn’t have rejected Keystone.

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BP takes Colorado to court and wins millions in tax breaks

Fossil fuel companies will collect $100 million and counting from taxpayers.

Climate & Energy

Oil-rich Alaska has surprising solar power potential

Solar is cost-competitive with diesel in some remote Alaskan towns, a study found.


Coming soon to a national park near you: Corporate sponsors

The Park Service has a new plan to pay the bills.

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No fish left? Let’s build an app for that.

Can "fish hackathons" really save the oceans?

Climate & Energy

In West Virginia, even prison can’t keep a notorious coal baron out of politics

Don Blankenship is looming large over the contentious governor's race.