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Here’s what you can fight now that Keystone XL is dead

Exploding trains and leaky pipelines: There are plenty of hotspots that climate activists could pursue now.

Climate & Energy

Electric cars are better than gas cars when it comes to emissions, study says

It's true even when you account for the extra pollution from manufacturing EVs.

Climate & Energy

New photos of China’s awful air quality make us nervous about coal plant plans

Air pollution in parts of China is the worst ever recorded.


Leather jackets made in labs? This fashion designer wants to make it happen

Meet Suzanne Lee, who's trying to inject some life back into industry -- literally.


An underground park in New York City? These guys are pushing to make it happen

And they have a 5,000 square-foot warehouse to prove it.


Plant breeders and chefs work together to cook up yummier food

Efforts to grow better tasting fruits and vegetables lead to purple tomatoes and spiceless habaneros.


Fact check: Republicans’ crazy debate claims about climate change and energy

Even ostensibly science-friendly GOP candidates like Rand Paul can't bring themselves to fully embrace climate reality -- and other notes on Tuesday's debate.


Why an Australian company is flying cows to China

Thanks to Chinese beef demand, Australian exporters are hoping to make a profit by flying live cattle to China on 747s.


On technology, primitive tools, and the power of the great outdoors

Wilderness provides a refuge from the world we have created -- it allows our bodies to experience the world they were shaped for, rather than the world we have shaped.