Business & Technology


Protests over Texas high-speed rail take a turn for the ridiculous

Texans don’t want your newfangled trains, Japan.

natural gas

Cows pass gas “so they don’t explode,” dairy industry reminds us

California wants to curb methane emissions, but flatulent cows might not cooperate.

Business & Technology

One company is labeling GMOs with pride — of course it’s Soylent.

Soylent wants you to know it isn't made of people; it's made with GMOs.

Thanks, but no tanks

Here’s the latest community to crack down on fossil fuel shipments

Whatcom County, Washington, is concerned about public safety.

Plug Ugly

Electric cars are so popular we’re running out of plugs

We’re in an era of cutthroat plug competition — which is both good and bad.

Do You Believe in Miracles

How do we turn coal jobs into solar jobs? Wizards, perhaps?

A new study from the journal Energy Economics has a plan to assimilate coal miners into the solar industry.

worth a shot

Farm animals are about to get a lot more shots

Big pharma is trying to get farms off antibiotics by investing in vaccines.


Colorado could vote to limit fracking on November ballot

The oil and gas industry is already fighting back.

Just Plane Fancy

NASA has some wild ideas for the future of flying

NASA says it will start studying a bunch of cutting-edge aviation ideas -- four of which could make air travel much cleaner than it is today.