Business & Technology

More like "car-driving selves"

What’s the point of self-driving cars if you still have to drive them?

Tesla's Autopilot mode isn't actually meant to auto-pilot, the company says.


Forget recycling. Let’s turn old plastic into fuel.

Plastic-to-fuel technology could help us tackle our huge plastic waste problem.

Fueling Good

If you want planes to use less fuel, just ask the pilot nicely

Turns out pilots like being gently prodded into saving the planet.

Climate & Energy

Rising seas are lapping at the doors of Trump’s real estate empire

"You're fired!" says the ocean.

off the rails

Explosive oil trains are feeling some serious heat this week

Protestors across the U.S. are trying to take down this deadly public health threat.

Business & Technology

Senate passes GMO-labeling bill

Partisans on both sides hate it.

Climate & Energy

Carbon prices are way down, thanks to the Supreme Court’s hold on Clean Power Plan

How is this going to affect cap-and-trade plans? Let’s ask the oracle.

life's a beach

Why is a ton of trash washing up on beaches in Hong Kong? It’s a mystery!

But we have a guess.

a (pipe)line in the (tar) sand

Canada just shut down another major pipeline proposal

Northern Gateway is the latest tar sands pipeline to run afoul of the law.