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Business & Technology

Apple, Facebook, and Google are the greenest tech giants — but they still need to do a lot more

It’s not enough to set a goal of using 100 percent clean power. Big tech companies need to flex their lobbying muscle, especially at the state level.


Scientists say we need a huge bird and bat preserve in the sky

Drones could cause a spike in bird and bat deaths. These scientists want to prevent that.


The newest threat to California pistachios: A nuclear deal with Iran

Well, this is nuts.

Business & Technology

What’s the cheapest new car to drive? Hint: It’s an EV

Electric vehicles can have higher sticker prices than gasoline versions, but things look different if you consider all costs over five years.

Climate & Energy

Should I source my home power from renewable energy?

A reader wonders whether "green tags" are as good as solar or wind power. Umbra does a little clean energy 'splainin'.

Business & Technology

People can’t get enough of Tesla’s new batteries

In one week, the company received $800M in reservations for its Powerwalls and Powerpacks.

We graded the feds on their environmental justice programs — here’s how they fared

Each year, government agencies report on what they've done to protect overburdened communities from environmental harms. Some do better than others.


Candy company to kids: Don’t eat too much sugar!

The latest call for moderating our sugar cravings comes from an unlikely quarter: the producer of M&Ms and Snickers.


This new startup wants to sell you ugly fruit and veggies

"Cosmetically challenged" produce usually goes to waste. This company aims to deliver it right to subscribers' doorsteps and to supermarkets.