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The poverty solution: Put people first

The case for putting people before nature

All over the world, environmental groups are trying to figure out how to balance nature and people in carbon-rich biodiversity hotspots.

The Poverty Solution: Put People First

How food, forests, and people are connected, in 10 charts

Here's why environmentalists should cheer on the end of poverty.

The Poverty Solution: Put People First

Could countries end poverty without wrecking the planet? We investigated.

Grist's Nathanael Johnson explores sustainable solutions to poverty.

The poverty solution: Put people first

What the humble turnip can teach us about economic growth

The root vegetable might have been key to the U.K.'s Industrial Revolution.

The poverty solution: Put people first

Costa Rica modernized without wrecking the environment. Here’s how.

Not every route to prosperity involves trashing the planet.

The way way forward machine

Google’s self-driving car project is now a company named Waymo.

But don't expect to be chugging Mad Dog in the driver's seat anytime soon.

Dirty Dancing

Rick Perry once said he would eliminate the Department of Energy. Now he will run it.

Texas political insiders call him "Bush without the brains."

Tar wars

ExxonMobil has doubled down on dirty tar-sands oil.

The company has invested billions in Canadian tar-sands reserves even though extracting the oil would wreak havoc on the climate.


Can Airbnb keep its users from discriminating against each other?

Sharing our resources is one piece of a more sustainable future -- if we can share fairly.