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If U.S. health care were a country, it would rank 13th for emissions

America's healthcare system is a big source of the pollution that makes some patients sick.

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Renewables are poised to put global fossil fuel investment to shame

Renewables energy is going to see a massive influx of investment by 2040: $7.8 trillion globally.


One day, you might get paid to poo

Korean researchers have a brilliant idea to put your poop to work.

Climate & Energy

Solar panels don’t raise regular utility rates — and might even lower them

It turns out that solar is not the death knell for utilities as we know them.

Climate & Energy

India and U.S. team up to give boost to solar power startups

And that’s great news for the climate.


Donald Trump once backed urgent climate action. Wait, what?

We’ve got the full-page ad to prove it.

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There’s a mini-Earth in Arizona that’s teaching us to save the real one

The Biosphere 2 is a large-scale experiment to see if we can really recreate life on Earth — sustainably, of course.


Obama and India’s Prime Minister are meeting this week, but there’s a toxic elephant in the room

The Bhopal disaster launched an international legal battle that still isn't resolved decades later.

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California’s primary has oily fingers all over it

Don’t let Hillary vs. Bernie distract you from the other Democrat vs. Democrat cage matches in play.