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Contrarian conservationist: Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist riles old-school greens

Biologist Peter Kareiva says conservationists are too focused on restoring pristine nature. Instead, he says, they need to think about creating a future we can all live with.

Shell still doesn’t have its sh*t together on Arctic drilling

Shell is asking the feds for a deadline extension on drilling off the coast of Alaska. Will the company ever actually get its act together? No one knows!

Texans exercise their Second Amendment rights to ward off smart meters

Well, "Texan," singular. But the movement to combat the insidious, intrusive device is real.

Snap-together house is easy to assemble, hard to pay for

The good news: Some Danish architects teamed up with some British digital fabrication people to create a 1,250-square-foot house produced in a rapid prototyping machine. (A rapid prototyping machine uses computer modeling to quickly produce scale models of physical parts.) …

Looking for kids’ books? Avoid this Monsanto propaganda

A book with cute illustrations introduces kids to the "neat topic" of biotechnology, but fails to mention hazards associated with GMOs, like increased pesticide use and possible liver and kidney damage.

Court: TVA at fault in massive 2008 coal-ash spill

A federal judge has ruled that the Tennessee Valley Authority is liable for the 2008 coal-ash spill that dumped thick sludge across a community in eastern Tennessee, destroying three homes.

Disney’s pollution of America may also be literal

The EPA suspects that Disney Studios may have introduced carcinogenic chromium 6 into the regional water supply.

Texas judge rules that TransCanada can seize land from a family farm

Judge Bill Harris determined that TransCanada had the right to condemn and seize a strip of land for the southern leg of its Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline.

Peabody Coal signs sweetheart deal with government to expand existing mine

Peabody is paying the feds 25 cents per ton for coal that's likely to sell for $35 per ton. Hope they can eke out a profit!