Business & Technology

Paul Ryan’s wind power hypocrisy

His arguments against the wind production tax credit would be much better applied to subsidies for Big Oil.

Utilities beat back community solar bill in California

A bill that would have let anyone in California buy power from small-scale, local renewable projects was killed by big investor-owned utilities.

Hurricane Isaac leaves tar balls, oiled animals on Louisiana beaches

BP says it's not entirely clear who's to blame. (Really.)

Old Testament theme park uses donkeys as wifi hotspots, just like in the Bible

If you find yourself at the Israeli biblical theme park Kfar Kedem and you see a flashing light, don’t be alarmed — you are not having a hallucination brought on by Talmudic scholarship and hummus. You are seeing a wireless router …

BP thinks the Gulf is copacetic. The government disagrees. Tony Hayward doesn’t care.

BP is claiming in a civil suit that it's pretty much done cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico. The federal government's response: Like hell.

Massive bailout of energy company prompts predictable response

Here's a good overview of the state of energy politics in America today.

New project in Oregon could make wave power a reality

High-tech buoys from Ocean Power Technologies may be the first system that can provide consistent wave energy to the grid.

Utah OKs nation’s first tar-sands mine

Look, America, you're getting tar-sands oil whether you like it or not.

Lawmaker: We’ll keep the wind tax credit if you give us Keystone

This is perhaps the worst proposed deal in recent Capitol Hill history.