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Will the new climate bill damage U.S. energy security?

This piece was co-authored by Michael A. Levi of the Council on Foreign Relations. Few groups have been more strident in their opposition to cap-and-trade legislation than the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Last year, four …

The great carbon market crash of '09

As we know, one of the few beneficial side effects of the Great Recession of 2009 was the decline in global greenhouse gas emissions as our consumer-centric economy sputtered. But that also sent the voluntary …

from the marketplace of (terrible) ideas

Libertarian answer to oil spill: Privatize the ocean

Industrial disasters create cleanup jobs. See, the system works!If there’s one thing the leaking gash in the Gulf of Mexico seems to make clear, it’s that private companies shouldn’t be left unwatched to meddle with …

Sol focus

Tiny desert town goes solar in a big way

Nipton, Calif. solar arrayGrist’s Dave Roberts sent out a Tweet to his Tweeps today asking which city has installed the most solar. I’ve got an answer for you, Dave: Nipton, California. The desert micropolis — …

what's the goal here?

World Cup: Should U.S. team wear “BP sucks” shirts vs. England?

Original photo: g55 via Flickr, Lame Photoshopping: the author Since the U.S. and Britain are totally BFF’s and the British Petroleum oil spill is definitely not a sore point between the two nations, we’re happy …

Choice nuggets

Florida’s poisoned farmworkers, chefs schooled, Big Food’s raking it in

When my info-larder gets too packed, it’s time to serve up some choice nuggets from around the Web. Get ‘em while they’re hot.  The fruits of industrial agricultureIn the Atlantic, Barry Estabrook has a great, …

notable quotable

BP: We don’t know why our stock is falling

“BP notes the fall in its share price in US trading last night. The company is not aware of any reason which justifies this share price movement.” –June 10 company statement on its falling stock …

I've got Kevin Costner on the phone. He'll know what to do

The BP coffee spill [VIDEO] [AWESOME]

“Don’t worry … it’s a small spill on a very large table.” From the Upright Citizens Brigade: Find all the coverage we’ve spilled on the Gulf of Mexico spill here. Looking for more laughs? Check …

I'm Audi 5000

A pedestrian test-drives Audi’s ‘clean-diesel’ luxury ride

Photo: Ashley BraunI’m a reluctant driver. I’ll be the first to admit it. I do have a Zipcar subscription, mainly for the late-night runs to the airport to pick up my long-distance boyfriend when he …

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