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Enbridge CEO tries to defend tar-sands pipeline, says ridiculous nonsense

Enbridge chief Patrick Daniel went on the radio to try to convince people to like his company's plan for a pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia, and ended up just eating his feet.

Meet Harold Hamm, the billionaire oil tycoon who’s advising Mitt Romney on energy

A profile of Hamm in the Washington Post seems bound to get people to like him. They shouldn't.

Smile! You’re on constant camera: What does the end of privacy mean for green causes?

Is privacy passe? And what does a surveillance society mean for green causes?

The Gates Foundation just bought 50 gallons of fake poo

Bill Gates is into scat. His foundation is hard at work on a new space-age toilet, and to test the prototypes, it just bought 50 gallons of soybean-based fake feces from a soybean-based fake feces company. That’s some of it …

Panama Canal to add a lane, massively reduce fuel used for shipping

A century after it opened, the Panama Canal is poised to remake cargo transport once again.

The federal government wants to pay for your electric bicycle

Electric bikes and electric motorcycles are awesome. They help you go up hills. They help you reach your destination with a minimum of armpit sweat. And they do this while dumping less carbon into atmosphere than their gas-powered equivalents. (Yes, …

At Etsy, even the trash travels by bike

If this were a Portlandia sketch, you’d think it was too unrealistic.

Colorado utility hits high of 57% wind power

Colorado's largest utility broke the national record for most power generated from wind on a day in April. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney still wants to screw the wind industry.

Got $300? Buy a ride on a six-legged robot named Stompy

Stop fronting: You know perfectly well you want to ditch your car AND your bike and ride around town in a 10-foot, two-ton, six-legged robot. And if you donate to Project Hexapod, the creators of this behemoth (whose name is …