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Back in black

Texas oil companies pump new round of cash into California climate fight

Tesoro and Valero, the Texas oil companies that are funding Prop 23, contributed another $1.5 million to the campaign to kill California's AB 32.

The right to bear farms

Can Congress make a food-safety omelet without breaking the wrong eggs?

Congress first started debating a new food-safety law two years and several massive food recalls ago. Meanwhile, rumors are flying about how S. 510 will outlaw organic practices or backyard gardening. Here's what the current bill could actually do -- for the FDA, eaters, farmers, and industry.

should we give it our ethanol?

Our biofuel future: The bitter taste of land grabs and hunger

Stanford professor Roz Naylor lays out how a global ramp-up of ethanol and biodiesel production means land speculation and rising food prices for the world's poor. Can the world stomach such a fuel-ish transition?

tuna out

One-fifth of juvenile Atlantic bluefin tuna killed by BP oil spill

New satellite data from the European Space Agency shows that 20 percent of juvenile bluefin tuna have been killed by oil.

Which, no doubt, is the next one over from the Chamber of Secrets

Scholastic steps into the Chamber of Hypocrisy

Scholastic, the education company, has teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce to "educate" children about the perils of government energy regulation.

I can haz chevronburger?

Lolcats punk Teh Yes Menz punking Chevron

Oh noes! Did LOL kittehs make teh ultamet pranksterz get teh punkings? Translation: Oh no! Did the infamous Lolcats from the pop cat-culture website I Can Has Cheezburger punk the ultimate pranksters, The Yes Men, for their recent Chevron spoof?

Fired up

Obama, Gates, and Gore come out against Prop 23 as No forces widen lead

This week, Barack Obama and Al Gore came out against California's Prop 23, Bill Gates wrote a fat check, and the No position is ahead in the polls.


Why Monsanto is paying farmers to spray its rivals' herbicides

Monsanto's ongoing humiliation proceeds apace -- and no, we're not referring to the seed and chemical giant's triumph in our recent "Villains of Food" poll.

Whip me, beet me

Monsanto's losing bet on GM sugar beets has bitter repercussions

Over the span of two years, Monsanto managed to grab control of the market for sugar beet seeds (and American sweet tooths), effectively wiping out the competition.

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