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BP, still working out the kinks in this ‘fuel distribution’ thing, recalls gasoline

Excessive residue in gasoline from a refinery in Indiana could screw with the cars of 7,000 unlucky consumers.

Mixed blessing: U.S. power demand will stay flat for a while

We won't use the amount of electricity we thought we'd be using in 2019 until 2030, according to a new forecast.

10-year-old’s petition convinces Jamba Juice to stop using styrofoam

Fifth-grader Mia Hansen collected over 130,000 signatures, and the smoothie giant agreed to phase out styrofoam by 2013.

natural gas sign

If you’re building a power plant and it isn’t natural gas, you’re not trendy

And if you're building one that burns oil? Graduate into the 20th century, pops.

WV coal protest: mine

One way to stop coal mining: Cut off the water

Sunrise Coal's plan for a new Illinois mine is being held up by concerns over water use -- bad luck in a drought year.

This robot has the most swagger of any robot you’ve seen

Yeah, I think I’m comfortable with this country’s research funding going towards developing android swaggerbots. As far as I’m concerned, this could be DARPA’s greatest achievement since the internet.

Starbucks is turning leftover scones and coffee grounds into useful stuff like plastic

The company is hoping they can come up with something a little more creative and sustainable than the current plan of incineration, composting, or disposal.

Yet another ship makes it through the ice-light Northwest Passage

Little did European explorers know that they only had to burn a shit ton of coal and then wait a bit in order to discover the fabled route.

Miners bussed to Romney rally obviously hate Obama, Fox points out

Fox Nation declares that Ohio miners have "turned on" Obama after the mine workers' boss busses them to a Romney rally.