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On the 110th birthday of air conditioning: Stay cool

It's hot again. It is always hot.

The Department of Defense wants to put out fires by yelling at them

Much to pundits’ disappointment, you can’t solve most environmental ills just by yelling at them. But, as the┬áDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has discovered, it does work for one thing: fires. DARPA’s “Instant Fire Suppression” program uses sound to …

This tiny electric car folds up for easy parking

The all-electric Fold is normally eight feet long, already smaller than a SmartCar. But it folds up to a mere five feet long for parking, about the size of a shopping cart.

Apple caves, adds products back into environmental registry

Oddly, the speculated changes to the new MacBook Pro didn't keep the new design from receiving a "gold" rating.

Heat waves lead to a rise at nudist resorts

This article is so barely even news and so obviously our attempt to get you to click that you just know there's something good inside.

Global cleantech investment picks itself up off the floor

After a bruising first quarter of 2012, investment globally climbs -- thanks in large part to a spike in China.

Cloned horses could compete in the Olympics

The highest body of equestrian sports, the Federation Equestre Internationale, is just a little obsessed with where horse babies come from. And not without reason — have you seen the prices for champion horse sperm these days? (Man, you know …

Patriot Coal files for bankruptcy

The company cites the coal industry's "major transformation" in a public statement.

As water dries up, so do crops. Get used to it.

The link between reduced agricultural irrigation and reduced crop yields is becoming increasingly apparent -- and for a more populous world, an increasing problem.