Business & Technology

These floor tiles let you generate energy just by walking around

Great (literal!) strides in renewable energy are being made, by way of an emerging technology called footfall harvesting.

A correction to our article about Paul Ryan

Apparently, the letter we presented yesterday showing a Paul Ryan request for stimulus funds was forged, since he says he never asked for stimulus funds.

Natural-gas well explosion near Denver kills one, injures three

The explosion appears to have been from a pressure build-up, as opposed to combustion.

For some reason, this lady is mad about Enbridge cutting down her trees without permission

Canada-based Enbridge illegally chopped down about 50 trees to make way for a tar-sands pipeline -- a replacement for the pipeline that caused the largest on-shore oil spill in U.S. history two years ago.

Next-level sh!t: Bill Gates has seen the future, and it is craptacular

Bill and Melinda Gates host the Super Bowl for the toilet of the future, inspiring some seriously space-age concraptions.

WV coal protest: mine

Kentucky coal headed to India under new deal

From the Louisville Courier-Journal: Kentucky coal producers have reached an agreement to export 9 million tons of coal annually to India for the next 25 years in a $7 billion deal. Gov. Steve Beshear’s office announced Wednesday that New Jersey-based …

Shell gets it backward, starts polluting Alaskan water before it drills

The Keystone Kops of oil exploration are up to more wacky hijinks.

One down: Planned coal export terminal in Washington is cancelled

Several coal export terminals have been proposed along the West Coast. Now there's one less for activists to fight.

Electric DeLorean could get you back to a slightly less grim future

When we think about how we’re going to save the environment from the ravages of fossil fuels, our first thought is not generally “with gull-wing doors.” Well, luckily not everyone thinks inside the box, and this is why Stephen Wynne, …