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Solyndra is the next 'Climategate'

Conservatives are trying to use the bankruptcy of solar firm Solyndra to tar the whole renewables industry and all efforts by government to support it.

Solar Power

Fossil-fueled Republicans grandstand against Solyndra, solar energy

At a hearing in Congress today, GOP representatives used Solyndra's collapse to declare that government investment in clean energy is a bad idea.

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The iPhone game that will make you ashamed for having an iPhone

Aw look, it's Phone Story, a fun little game where you produce things and catch things and shoot things at people! It's like Farmville AND Cut the Rope AND Angry Birds! Except that instead of …

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Bush admin pushed Solyndra loan guarantee for two years

The Obama admin is getting bashed for backing a solar company that recently went under. But it was actually the Bush admin that started the ball rolling on a loan guarantee for Solyndra.

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Google, Facebook reap benefits of building hot data centers in cold Scandinavia

Data centers are the gigantic, Borg-like assemblages of computers that run everything we take for granted on the web, from email to social networks. They take a lot of energy, because they do all the …

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Gigantic flywheels recover, recycle subway trains' energy

If subway stations could harvest the energy of incoming trains as they hit their brakes, they could re-use that same energy to launch the same train as it leaves the station. That's the idea behind …


Google gets carbon offsets from hog poo

In its recent report on the company's carbon footprint, Google said that it offsets its emissions with high-quality offsets. We are happy as a pig in shit about that. Which is appropriate, because here's one example of …

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World solar market to increase 130 percent by 2020

In 2010 the world spent $30 billion on solar panels. By 2020 that figure will be $70 billion, says Korean electronics giant Samsung.

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U.S. solar projects boom as PV prices keep falling

The U.S. lags behind in solar PV manufacturing, but falling panel prices mean thriving commercial-scale development.