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The Washington Post's boneheaded conventional wisdom on Solyndra

The Washington Post is spouting the Very Serious Conventional Wisdom: government is a "crappy" venture capitalist that shouldn't be picking winners.


Critical List: Invasive species jump the border; Gulf sheen not BP’s fault

While U.S. border monitors were busy looking for terrorists in cargo containers, a slew of invasive species slipped unnoticed into the country. Whatever that sheen in the Gulf is, it's not BP's fault, okay?? If carbon is a risk (and it is!), the …


How to beat the Tea Party and win on clean energy

Tea Party politics have locked the U.S. into energy-policy stalemate. With the climate clock running out, is this stalemate also checkmate for Earth?


Solyndra and the self-referential Beltway media cycle

Solyndra is being called a scandal even though there hasn't been any official wrongdoing established or charged. Blame cable news and the political press.


Talking motorbike runs on poop. That is all.

Here's a bike that runs on biogas from human poo, writes messages in the air, plays music, and features a talking toilet. Is it even worth making jokes about this? Is it even POSSIBLE?


Fake scalp, fake scandal: DOE official didn't resign ‘over Solyndra’

Politico blasted out this headline: "Silver resigns over Solyndra loan." Scandal! An administration in crisis! Dems in disarray! But it was fiction.

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A day in the life of John Q. Public and his electric car

Kevin Day is just some dude who bought a Nissan Leaf and is kinda in love with it. Even with a daily 30-mile commute, he only has to charge it once every three days; he appreciates its fast pickup and …

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Surprise! Europe's climate policy is working

According to figures released today as part of the European Commission's annual report on its progress to meeting its Kyoto targets, E.U. greenhouse-gas emissions for 2010 were 15.5 percent below 1990 levels despite economic growth of 41 percent over the …

Green Home

Will new LEED standards allow for clearcut timber?

Environmentalists say that proposed changes to LEED green building standards will undercut forest protection.