Business & Technology

Giving BP twit for tat

The mystery BP Twitterer revealed!

Leroy Stick is the brains behind a fake BP Twitter account called BPGlobalPR that’s racked up more than 180,000 followers. Need to Know‘s Erin Chapman grabbed an exclusive on-camera interview with him at the TEDxOilSpill …

Independence Thinking

10 fresh ideas that can help set you free (from oil)

With the Fourth of July approaching, let us pause and consider the words of that great patriot Sarah Palin: “Americans are not addicted to oil, Americans are addicted to freedom — the freedom to move …

Deficit hacks

Feed the economy, or starve it? The answer’s clear.

Photo: greenforall.orgIn economic-policy circles, a debate rages around what medicine might cure the ailing economy. The topic doesn’t draw much attention in environmental media, but I would argue that the direction of economic policy is …

BP in the Gulf -- The Persian Gulf

How BP helped destroy democracy in Iran

This essay was originally published on TomDispatch and is republished here with Tom’s kind permission. To frustrated Americans who have begun boycotting BP: Welcome to the club. It’s great not to be the only member …

Partying like it's 2008

Green tech investment surges

President Obama examines a solar panel with Solyndra executives.Photo and caption: The White HouseGreen tech is back in the green. Global venture capital investment in green technology companies reached $4.04 billion in the first half …

Little boy BP, go blow your horn

Let’s resolve the oil spill by annoying BP to death

Photo: Adam Quirk Even if you haven’t been paying attention to major events in the news lately, you still might have picked up on two things. There’s a huge, ongoing oil spill in the Gulf …

Chemical retraction

Taking the petro out of petrochemicals

Genomatica’s pilot green chemical plant.Photo courtesy of GenomaticaYou can buy green jeans, green greens (at the farmer’s market), and green beer. But the reality is that many, if not most, products in our industrial society …

Girl's lawn wild

An ode to my new push reel lawn mower

I heart the Fiskars Momentum.It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new homeowner in possession of a good lawn must be in want of a lawn mower.  Unless you have access to a herd …

High on the hog

If JBS gobbles up Smithfield, three companies will own U.S. meat market

(Grist illo; Carlossg/Flickr) A typical supermarket’s meat counter displays a landscape of easy bounty: shrink-wrapped chops, cutlets, steaks, roasts, loins, burger meat, and more, almost all of it priced to move. But the dizzying variety …

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