Business & Technology


Chinese solar company scores with German soccer team sponsorship

Yingli Green Energy is getting into the world's game by sponsoring FC Bayern Munich, one of the biggest teams in soccer.

Taco hell

Yo quiero lots of weird and unpronounceable ingredients

Now that we know that Taco Bell's "seasoned beef" is mostly made up of extenders and "flavor enhancers," I got to wondering what other weird things lace the fast food giant's delicacies. Attention, truth-in-advertising lawyers: …

Salmon-chanted evening

Obama calls for clean energy and high-speed rail in State of the Union

In his State of the Union, Obama called for 80% of electricity to come from clean sources by 2035, and 80% of Americans to have access to high-speed rail within 25 years.

Eastward ho!

California solar firms head to the not-so-sunny East Coast

California's biggest solar installers want homeowners in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to shovel off their roofs and install photovoltaic panels.

East Wing-ing it

How Walmart execs fleeced the White House on 'healthy food'

Michelle Obama and Walmart announced a healthy food initiative last week. The media accepted the deal at face value. Here are some hard questions.

Local color

With food-system reform slowed to a crawl, local initiatives come to fore

Food-policy reform at the national level isn't getting anywhere fast. But don't get depressed; organize at the local level!

Smoke and mirrors

Monsanto's latest farmwashing ad campaign debuts

We have two agricultural systems in this country, both claiming to be good for farmers and both claiming to be sustainable, says Marion Nestle. But only one has millions of dollars' worth of ads selling …

Hu's Your Daddy

Is China's quasi-dictatorship better prepared for the 21st century than our mess of a democracy?

China is a nation ruled by engineers with a steely-eyed determination to vanquish us in the race for clean energy. How can a democracy beholden to corporate interests and besieged by politicians in deep denial …

Halo there, big guy

Walmart vows to use its power for good food, not evil

Walmart has graphically demonstrated the damaging aspects of severe market consolidation in the food industry. If it can now demonstrate a benevolent side to market domination, then I salute it -- and shrug.