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Walmart's greenwash: Why the retail giant is still unsustainable

Four ways enviros can keep Walmart in the hot seat

The world's biggest retailer has gotten an undeserved free pass from many environmentalists. It's time to take a tougher line and set a higher standard, argues Stacy Mitchell in the conclusion to her series on Walmart's greenwashing.

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Why Apple should pour money into clean energy

Google's success at making real money on its green investments suggests to Marc Gunther of Greenbiz that every tech company with gigantic cash holdings -- i.e. Apple and Microsoft -- should be parking at least some of them in targeted …

Green Jobs

Keystone XL opponents need a jobs program

Keystone XL supporters have successfully painted the anti-pipeline crowd as "job killers." Here's how we can fight back.


Newly discovered fungus eats plastic

A group of Yale students, poking around in the jungles of Ecuador, has unearthed a type of fungus that digests otherwise-unkillable plastics.

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Russians could not be more psyched about ice-free Arctic

The former empire is hoping to bring back its glory days by reviving a Soviet-era shipping route along its Arctic coast.

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What corporate logos does a 5-year-old know?

This video, in which a 5-year-old rattles off corporate logos while sounding exactly like Marcel the Shell, is simultaneously adorable and sobering.

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This app may help you save gas by driving more efficiently

Most people know that it’s possible to save tons of gas and money by driving more efficiently, and most people completely ignore this and just tear-ass around at whatever speed won’t get them maximally arrested. But EcoSpeed, an app forthcoming …

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Capsized by the rising tide: Does growth lead to income inequality?

The “rising tide” of global economic growth is lifting mostly yachts. But some nations show that inequality and environmental ruin don't have to be inevitable outcomes of economic growth.

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Renewables nearly competitive with fossil fuels, even without subsidies

In 2010, investors and governments poured $187 billion into renewables and just $157 billion into natural gas, oil and coal.