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In the black

Enviros step up fundraising to defeat California's Prop 23, oil industry pleas for money

Fundraising by the oil companies trying to kill California's AB 32 was so lackluster it prompted a plea for money from Big Oil.

Blow and behold

Michigan: Outgoing Gov. Jennifer Granholm on creating wind energy jobs

In Michigan, our big, hairy, audacious goal is to make our state the international hub of the clean energy industry, creating jobs by transforming Michigan from rust belt to green belt.

antisocial networking

Greenpeace: Unfriend Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg if he won't ditch coal [VIDEO]

Greenpeace takes another swipe at Facebook -- for running its new Oregon data center partially on coal -- with an eye-catching animated video calling on viewers to unfriend Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

a kahn-do attitude

Don’t like the climate? Move to Fargo, says author of 'Climatopolis'

A provocative new book from economist Matthew Kahn argues that while it's too late to avoid the major effects of global warming, that's OK because most people will simply move to places that are effectively adapting to the changes. And here we'd been so worried!

Blackwatering the crops

Notorious agribiz giant Monsanto hired notorious ‘security’ firm Blackwater

Monsanto hired one of Blackwater's shell companies to monitor activist websites, and the Blackwater offshoot offered to infiltrate activist groups.

Prepared for take-off

Chinese solar firm lands big airport deal

Denver International Airport's 4.4-megawatt array will be Colorado's largest commercial solar project. But what's most notable is its Chinese builder.

Step away from the fridge and put your hands up

Feds target energy efficiency scofflaws

The Department of Energy is enforcing its own energy efficiency and water standards for products from light bulbs to shower heads, siting 27 companies

billions and billions interred

Death by McDonald's [VIDEO]

A group of U.S. doctors has a morbid new ad aimed at taking a bite out of Americans' fatal attraction to fast food. Watch the short ad.

Sweet surprise, indeed

'High-fructose corn syrup'? Never heard of it

Consumers turning against your product? Change its name on ingredient lists! Buh-bye, much-maligned HFCS, and hello, sweetly natural "corn sugar."