Business & Technology

Kids these days

Young greens, old greens, and cities

San Francisco Chronicle columnist John King has a smart piece on the "generation gap" between old-school environmentalists suspicious of urban development and younger greens who see density as essential.

Focus on the future

Ford's first all-electric car to be sold in 20 cities in 2011

Bummed you don't live in a city that will get the Nissan Leaf or the Chevrolet Volt next month? Wait another year and the electric Ford Focus will roll into town.

The Volt gets a charge

GE hits the electric car showroom

General Electric has committed to buying 25,000 electric vehicles for corporate use. Will other multinationals follow suit?

look on the bright side

Advice for a carbon-powered Congress

At least three oracles offer a different vision for our carbon-powered Congress to follow that may result in more jobs and a faster economic recovery.

Bottoms up

China's top-down energy gigantism and a bottom-up American alternative

Instead of envying China for leading on coal plant research, why not focus on what the U.S. does well -- distributed, bottom-up, human-scale innovation?

couch potatoes cause global warming too!

Global communications industry has similar global warming effect as aviation

A comprehensive study shows that the IT, telecommunication, media, and entertainment sectors add up to three percent of global carbon emissions.

Shell game

Spill cleanup plans for Arctic ripped as 'thoroughly inadequate'

Desperate to start drilling off the coast of Alaska next year, Shell is working hard to reassure us that they're not BP.

Gear down

Annie Leonard's 'Story of Electronics' tells how our gadgets are 'designed for the dump' [VIDEO]

My newfound obsession with where my tech gadgets come from just got stoked by a new video -- which I watched on a tech gadget. You should, too.

Back in black

Old King Coal's on a merry old roll

Don't be fooled by the whining that the Obama administration is on the verge of wiping out the coal industry. Big coal is as powerful as ever.