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gulf tee

Show how much you–and BP–care with a commemorative oil spill T-shirt

streetgiantIf you want to do something about the Gulf oil spill and you’re one of those people who likes to wear their heart on their sleeve, try this on for size: a commemorative T-shirt of …

They're not all evil

Big companies help do something right in Canadian forest deal

Boreal forest in Canada — safe from chainsaws for now.Photo: ForestEthicsMy first job in the social change movement was working for Ralph Nader.  I was a lawyer, one of Nader’s Raiders.  Not in the ’70s …

Woo capitalism!

Oil gusher forces State Dept. into awkward diplomacy with Cuba

Add this to every other sort of headache the Gulf of Mexico spill has caused: It’s now an international relations problem too. As Brendan DeMelle reports, the State Department has sent diplomatic notice about the …

Electrifying car buyers

GM bets Volt will move Californians to buy American

Chevy hopes the Volt takes California by storm.Photo: Todd WoodyIf you happened by an empty parking lot near San Francisco’s waterfront baseball park Tuesday morning, you would have seen some people  putting a low-slung black …

Will we get fooled again?

BP: The gulf between image and reality

The devastating and escalating events in the Gulf of Mexico underscore an amazing collection of problems: reliance on polluting energy, absence of a coherent national energy plan, the problems with lax government oversight, and dozens …

we're not gaffe-ing, we're crying

The three stupidest things said about the BP oil spill

Since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig went down in the Gulf last month, there have been two unstoppable gushes: one from the ocean floor and the other from the mouth of BP’s top executive, Tony …

Battle of the carbon titans

As summer approaches, so do the action-fantasy movies. Last week, the venue was not the local cineplex, but another location noted for outlandish egos, special effects, and scripts that require substantial amounts of imagination to …

rice rack

Boost your support for urban agriculture with a rice-growing bra

AFPEager to show your full support for urban farming, ladies? Then try this over-the-shoulder rice-paddy holder: a bra that double-A’s a pot to grow rice, complete with irrigation system (the watering hose is a belt …

A Green Cure for the Blues

Home Star: Let’s move past the talk and get to the action

Now that it has passed the House of Representatives with flying colors (246 to 161), we are thisclose to making Home Star a reality. This is the plan, supported on both sides of the aisle, …

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