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Why weight?

Nutritionist Marion Nestle fingers the missing calories in America's big binge

America, ever obsessed with diet and health, is stumped by the problem of obesity. Figuring out what to eat really isn't that hard, says author and food systems researcher Marion Nestle. If this basic human instinct seems more complicated than that, it's the effect of food marketing.

The Flawed Squad

Is Halliburton the real heavy in the Gulf oil explosion?

Dick Cheney's old outfit is back in the line of fire for mixing "unstable" cement.

So what you’re saying is …

Chevron thinks we’re stupid [VIDEO]

Funny or Die shows us what Chevron is really trying to say.

Tilting at turbines

China takes the wind out of the U.S.

The inability of the U.S. to pass a climate change bill has made investing in wind projects a gamble. Meanwhile China has become the world wind leader.

Arguing with ghosts

Opponents of California's AB 32 rail against a law that doesn’t exist

Supporters of Prop 23 in California are citing bogus research when they criticize California's climate law, AB 32.

The Tennessee Paradox

Tennessee governor's race: Haslam vs. McWherter

Republican Bill Haslam, likely winner of Tennessee's gubernatorial race, hails from the oil biz but has a track record of supporting clean energy.

Gas guzzled

Electric cars expected to struggle for next decade

Electric cars are about to take the plunge into the market. But it doesn't look like they're going to make much of a splash for awhile. A long while.

Googling in the wind

Google exec explains Atlantic offshore wind investment [AUDIO]

Alison Stewart of PBS spoke with the dir. of green business operations for Google about Google's plan to invest $200M in a network for wind energy.

up sh*t creek with a plastic

Pooping out plastic not a painful process

Crap -- it's so versatile! It can heat your house, fertilize your garden, and power the grid. And now creative types have squeezed another use out of this universal human product -- turning it into a nontoxic plastic. We sh*t you not.