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Business & Technology

Here’s a win-win: Geothermal power can make lithium for electric vehicles

Existing geothermal power plants are powered by a hot brine from deep within the earth's crust, which is just lousy with dissolved minerals -- literally "half the periodic table," reports Scientific American. One of those elements is lithium, which can be extracted …

Business & Technology

Global investment in clean energy blowin' the hell up

Global total new investment in clean energy 2004-10 ($BN)


Guitar Antihero 3: How Congress fell for Gibson's bunk crusade

Asian logging interests have become the latest cause célèbre for the Tea Party. Thanks to Gibson Guitar, Republicans seem eager to jump on board.

Renewable Energy

In Solyndra's wake, polling finds support for clean energy remains strong

Tea Party conservatives have tried to use the Solyndra faux-scandal to tarnish the image of clean energy, but new polling finds that it isn't working.

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'Peak Coal' comes to Appalachia

By 2015, coal production in Appalachia will be half what it was in 2008. Some coal industry advocates argue that such a drop is due to increased regulation by the Obama administration (go figure). But geologists and others who work …


Company makes fuel from wood using nothing but water

A company called Renmatix says it can make ethanol from wood and woody biomass using nothing but water. If they're right -- and they just cut the ribbon on an R&D facility in Pennsylvania in order to find out -- …

Business & Technology

Guitar Antihero 2: Lawless logging and slaughtered wildlife didn’t stop Gibson Guitar

A federal action accuses Gibson Guitar of importing wood from Madagascar, even after Chinese logging gangs pillaged the country's national parks.


Guitar Antihero 1: How Gibson Guitars made illegal logging a conservative cause célèbre

Republican leaders are bashing well-respected trade regs that protect American jobs. Behind the coup: Tea Party groups and Gibson Guitar.

Solar Power

Attention, pundits: We have the makings of a serious U.S. solar program

Three ambitious projects could put the U.S. on course for a major solar expansion -- if they get enough attention and support. Thomas Friedman, listen up!