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couch potatoes cause global warming too!

Global communications industry has similar global warming effect as aviation

A comprehensive study shows that the IT, telecommunication, media, and entertainment sectors add up to three percent of global carbon emissions.

Shell game

Spill cleanup plans for Arctic ripped as 'thoroughly inadequate'

Desperate to start drilling off the coast of Alaska next year, Shell is working hard to reassure us that they're not BP.

Gear down

Annie Leonard's 'Story of Electronics' tells how our gadgets are 'designed for the dump' [VIDEO]

My newfound obsession with where my tech gadgets come from just got stoked by a new video -- which I watched on a tech gadget. You should, too.

Back in black

Old King Coal's on a merry old roll

Don't be fooled by the whining that the Obama administration is on the verge of wiping out the coal industry. Big coal is as powerful as ever.

Telling whoppers

The fast-food industry’s $4.2 billion marketing blitz

Yale's Rudd Center reports that the fast-food industry spent $4.2 billion on marketing last year. That's a sign of the industry's robust financial health -- and bad news for the public's health.

the sky's the limit

Anti-advertising billboard showcases the clean air around it

This billboard is highlighting the good job done by the Clean Air Act while also giving instant weather updates.

Cheese wiz

The Times exposes the craziness of the junk-food industry/USDA alliance

On Sunday, The New York Times ran a blockbuster piece on the unholy alliance between the USDA and Domino's to create a monstrously cheesy pizza -- while encouraging healthier eating habits. Here's what this partnership …

Get smart

Why we won't have a green energy revolution without the smart grid

The rise of renewable energy and electric cars will vastly complicate how the power grid operates. That means it's going to have to get a lot smarter.

Green tea party

California's conservative counties voted green on Prop 23

The No forces' message that Prop 23 would kill green jobs seemed to hit home in conservative counties like Riverside and San Bernardino, where the unemployment rate has hit 15 percent this year.