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don't pray with fire

BP relief ship struck by lightning, bum luck

Photo: MReece via FlickrNot even the Big Guy can saviour BP’s luck.There have been many, many striking things about the oil leak in the Gulf …

why can't they be friends?

Oil execs turn against BP in Congress hearing

Lamar McKay, President BP AmericaPhoto: BP The planet’s most powerful oil executives found their well-tailored behinds planted in the Congressional hot seat today, as the …

identical spins

Waking America from the BP nightmare

57 days ago, in the dead of night, the worst environmental nightmare in U.S. history began. The spill cam, requested by Congress, has brought the …

Will the new climate bill damage U.S. energy security?

This piece was co-authored by Michael A. Levi of the Council on Foreign Relations. Few groups have been more strident in their opposition to cap-and-trade …

The great carbon market crash of '09

As we know, one of the few beneficial side effects of the Great Recession of 2009 was the decline in global greenhouse gas emissions as …

from the marketplace of (terrible) ideas

Libertarian answer to oil spill: Privatize the ocean

Industrial disasters create cleanup jobs. See, the system works!If there’s one thing the leaking gash in the Gulf of Mexico seems to make clear, it’s …

Sol focus

Tiny desert town goes solar in a big way

Nipton, Calif. solar arrayGrist’s Dave Roberts sent out a Tweet to his Tweeps today asking which city has installed the most solar. I’ve got an …

what's the goal here?

World Cup: Should U.S. team wear “BP sucks” shirts vs. England?

Original photo: g55 via Flickr, Lame Photoshopping: the author Since the U.S. and Britain are totally BFF’s and the British Petroleum oil spill is definitely …

Choice nuggets

Florida’s poisoned farmworkers, chefs schooled, Big Food’s raking it in

When my info-larder gets too packed, it’s time to serve up some choice nuggets from around the Web. Get ’em while they’re hot.  The fruits …

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