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Got $100 billion?

U.S. solar boom requires policy and money (not sunshine), says report

Germany became the world's solar stronghold by rewarding homeowners, businesses, and farmers for generating their own electricity. The U.S. could grow at a similar clip -- with the right policy.

in good company

Getting down to business on climate change

There is evidence the cutting edge of economic transformation will come not from Washington, but from the business sector.

The Pope-mobile runs on dirty fossil fuels

Art Pope's millions fund climate change denial

An investigation by Facing South finds that the Koch brothers, have a valuable ally in North Carolina: conservative benefactor Art Pope.

It ain't so

Most products claiming to be green are living in sin

A new survey shows that greenwashing is as rampant as ever--more than 95 percent of the products analyzed weren't as green as they said they were.

spacing out on this one

Space tourism may ignite the effects of global warming

If you "just want to get away" from Earth for a while by indulging your new hobby of space exploration, you may find the planet pretty steamed when you get back.

Back in black

Texas oil companies pump new round of cash into California climate fight

Tesoro and Valero, the Texas oil companies that are funding Prop 23, contributed another $1.5 million to the campaign to kill California's AB 32.

The right to bear farms

Can Congress make a food-safety omelet without breaking the wrong eggs?

Congress first started debating a new food-safety law two years and several massive food recalls ago. Meanwhile, rumors are flying about how S. 510 will outlaw organic practices or backyard gardening. Here's what the current …

should we give it our ethanol?

Our biofuel future: The bitter taste of land grabs and hunger

Stanford professor Roz Naylor lays out how a global ramp-up of ethanol and biodiesel production means land speculation and rising food prices for the world's poor. Can the world stomach such a fuel-ish transition?

tuna out

One-fifth of juvenile Atlantic bluefin tuna killed by BP oil spill

New satellite data from the European Space Agency shows that 20 percent of juvenile bluefin tuna have been killed by oil.