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shifting gears

A global shift to renewable energy: But will it be fast enough?

Despite a global economic crisis, a new energy economy is emerging on a scale that we could not have imagined. And it is a worldwide phenomenon.

Friday Flashback

Mystery island, magical bikes, and 8 other green stories to keep you in the loop

Here's some under-the-radar items that will provide some snappy repartee fodder for your weekend social soirees.

Waste not, want not

Flush away greenhouse gases

First, came the chicken poo-powered fuel cell. Now a district plans to convert its wastewater plants to run on -- you guessed it -- people poo.

Happy retirement

Utilities can meet EPA standards without threatening reliability

Coal utilities are trying to scare Congress into thinking that if EPA follows up with its planned regulations, electricity rates will soar and there will be reliability problems in the electricity grid. Is it true? According to a comprehensive new analysis, no.

falling behind

The U.S.-China three legged race

Visualize the US and China tethered together, but each trying to beat the other to a prize more valuable than hot dogs: dominance in the 21st century

snack, crackle, pop

The (incredibly loud) sound of SunChips on the Today Show — featuring Grist!

Watch the Today Show -- and me! -- break down the issue of SunChips' new and noisy biodegradable bag.

Photovoltaic carports

They paved paradise and put up a (solar) parking lot

REC Solar announced a deal to install a photovoltaic array on a hospital's carports. At 2.9 megawatts, the installation will be the nation's largest solar carport complex.


A chicken poo-powered fuel cell

On Tuesday, FuelCell Energy, announced the sale of a 1.4-megawatt chicken poo-powered fuel cell to an egg farm in California's Central Valley.

It's Showtime!

Enviros and Big Oil take their battle on the road

After our summer with the Senate, it's time to move on to something with a pulse. How about dueling roadshows, Enviros vs. Big Oil?