Business & Technology

  • Animated guide to building a Keystone XL

    Turns out it’s just a long concrete tube buried three to four feet under ground, rambling on for mile after mile, narrated by a guy with an adenoid problem.

  • Gearhead’s lament: What’s to be done with last year’s skis?

    Each year, skiers and snowboarders chuck mountains of old gear into the trash. One man wants to give our castoffs a second life.

  • Solar panels made out of grass clippings

    An MIT scientist has developed a quick and dirty way to harness solar power using “anything green, even grass clippings.” So basically, solar panels made out of yard waste. This technology is way, way, way, way below the efficiency of …

  • Here are car ads for you to yell about

    Watch some of the most irritating — from a “car ubiquity” perspective — spots from last night’s Super Bowl.

  • Wind turbine workers get their own reality show

    “Turbine Cowboys,” tells the stories of a bunch of men and women “who are pushed to the limit both physically and emotionally as they brave extreme heights and every conceivable weather condition to work on wind turbines.”

  • ‘Smart paint’ warns you when stuff’s about to break, so you can fix it

    Someday we’ll fix infrastructure and the environment in the same way that Arizona suburbanites fix their lawns: By slapping on a coat of paint. Science has already made great strides on carbon-eating paint, and the kind of paint that can make windows …

  • Couch surfers unite! Big business stomps on the sharing economy

    Last year, the rental car industry smacked down car-sharing companies in Washington. Now, it appears that the hotel biz may have it out for folks who rent out their spare bedrooms via Airbnb. It’s all fun and games until greedy …

  • Walmart's greenwash: Why the retail giant is still unsustainable

    Four ways enviros can keep Walmart in the hot seat

    The world’s biggest retailer has gotten an undeserved free pass from many environmentalists. It’s time to take a tougher line and set a higher standard, argues Stacy Mitchell in the conclusion to her series on Walmart’s greenwashing.

  • Why Apple should pour money into clean energy

    Google’s success at making real money on its green investments suggests to Marc Gunther of Greenbiz that every tech company with gigantic cash holdings — i.e. Apple and Microsoft — should be parking at least some of them in targeted …