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Enthusiasm Gap

No on Prop 23 campaign takes in $5 million to oil industry's $10,000

The No on Prop 23 crowd is far outspending the Texans. In the past few days, the score is No forces $5 million, Yes men $10,000.

Up to old Twix

Obama taps food-industry exec for top ag-research post

Obama has nominated Catherine Woteki, an exec from the Mars candy corporation, to direct the U.S. government's entire agricultural research budget.

Black Market Baby

Eerie photos of power plants show dark, coal-dependent future [SLIDESHOW]

Photographer Michael Kenna has captured a series of photos of icons of industrial society: power stations.

Powering Up

California big solar binge continues with approval of more projects

Federal climate change legislation may be a distant dream, but California is bent on making renewable energy and solar power a reality in the state.


The case for super-ambitious Living Buildings. A talk with Jason McLennan

Seattle architect Jason McLennan created the Living Building Challenge, a standard far more demanding than the widely used LEED standard. Here's why.

yo, homes, smell you hata

Teens label Abercrombie and Fitch's constant stink 'air pollution'

By maintaining a constant level of cologne sprayed both inside and outside their stores, Abercrombie and Fitch gives everyone the chance to be the prince of a town called Smell-Air.

Want Dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio and George Soros?

In New York last week for the Clinton Global Initiative and United Nations Week, I attended a small dinner party late one night that featured film star Leonardo DiCaprio, billionaire philanthropist/investor George Soros, the President …

Air Raid

Prop 23 campaigns begin television battle for undecided voters

Ads from opponents and proponents of Proposition 23 debuted this week. Expect lots more as both sides vie for the 21 percent of undecided Californians

A Seep in the Deep

Expert says 50 percent of spilled BP oil remains in Gulf

Scientist Ian MacDonald sure isn't buying the Obama administration's sunny spin that 75 percent of it is gone. He suspects a whole lot of goo is now buried out there.