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Local color

With food-system reform slowed to a crawl, local initiatives come to fore

Food-policy reform at the national level isn't getting anywhere fast. But don't get depressed; organize at the local level!

Smoke and mirrors

Monsanto's latest farmwashing ad campaign debuts

We have two agricultural systems in this country, both claiming to be good for farmers and both claiming to be sustainable, says Marion Nestle. But only one has millions of dollars' worth of ads selling …

Hu's Your Daddy

Is China's quasi-dictatorship better prepared for the 21st century than our mess of a democracy?

China is a nation ruled by engineers with a steely-eyed determination to vanquish us in the race for clean energy. How can a democracy beholden to corporate interests and besieged by politicians in deep denial …

Halo there, big guy

Walmart vows to use its power for good food, not evil

Walmart has graphically demonstrated the damaging aspects of severe market consolidation in the food industry. If it can now demonstrate a benevolent side to market domination, then I salute it -- and shrug.

Greece is the word

California solar startup in Greek power plant deal

A U.S. company shows it can compete in the European solar market by landing a deal on the sunny island of Crete.

No thanks to Tom Hanks

'Cracking the Carbon Code' — Can the movie be far behind?

Here it comes -- a shameless self-promotion for my new book, Cracking the Carbon Code: The Key to Sustainable Profits in the New Economy.

The color of money

California green job growth outstrips tired old brown economy

Many of these new green jobs are in traditional occupations that have now taken on an emerald tinge as they're applied to sustainable endeavors.

thar she blows

Windmade is the next Fair Trade, gets backers like LEGO

By December of this year, the next box of Legos you buy could be stamped "made with 100% Wind Power." Subsequently, countless other goods you buy could bear the Windmade stamp, which -- like Fair …

Label libel

Food industry FAIL: Foods promoted as healthy for kids — surprise! — are mostly not

A new study released today by the Prevention Institute should represent the final nail in the coffin of food industry self-regulation. Out of 50 products claimed to be good for kids, 84 percent flunk basic …