Business & Technology

Well done

The meat industry feels the heat as the sustainable-food movement gains force

Once, the meat industry acted with impunity, confident that its lobbying clout could deflect challenges to its practices. Now it's on the defensive.

The gulf at the gas station

Can we calculate the true cost of our dependence on oil?

A BP shareholder comes clean on big oil, the true costs of an increasingly dangerous dependency, and why BP may bounce back from this disaster virtually unscathed.

Photovoltaic factory town

Prop 23 threatens Silicon Valley's newest solar assembly line

American solar companies are building factories in California even though it would be far cheaper to make photovoltaic panels in China. Why? "The ecosystem is here," explains green tech investor Vinod Khosla. But that balmy business climate will change if California voters pass Prop 23 in November.


Will BP and the White House become strange bedfellows in the Gulf?

Remember that $20 billion escrow account BP is creating to cover damages in the Gulf of Mexico? It's raising hackles with environmentalists.

Economic climate change

Silicon Valley: Prop 23 will kill off the Googles of green tech

With election season looming, battle lines are being drawn over Proposition 23, the California ballot initiative that would effectively repeal the state's landmark climate change law. "Electric Bills & Oil Spills: Will California Continue to be a Clean Energy Leader?" was the title of a gathering Tuesday at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters. Attendees were less concerned about Prop 23's environmental consequences than its potential to derail California's green tech revolution.

Northeast Biodiesel, Born

Co-op capitalizes renewable energy businesses

Co-op Power, a renewable energy cooperative, broke ground on its newest green business, Northeast Biodiesel, last week.

Keep on Trucking

Nouvelle food trucks make fast food with slow values

Can local, sustainably grown, organic ingredients make street food actually good for us -- and the planet?

Roll of the ice

Greenland on the rocks, renewable energy gets stiffed again

The melting of Greenland could send cities like New Orleans under the sea. The $26 billion teacher-saving bill is bad news clean energy.

A tale of two cities

Colorado Springs goes dark, Lexington goes bright

Dickens begins his novel with the famous line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Were he writing today about the two American cities -- Lexington, Mass. and Colorado Springs, Colo. -- he might say, “It was the brightest of towns, it was the dimmest of towns.” In this case, bright and dim refer quite literally to light levels, but also to the decision making of two very different sets of civic leaders.