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House hearing marks new low in Solyndra witch hunt

Republicans are taking their Solyndra scandalmongering to the next level at today's hearing in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.


GOP tries to explain away loan-guarantee hypocrisy, fails

In hyping the Solyndra faux scandal, Republicans have gone after the loan-guarantee program with guns blazing. They just can't support big government picking winners! Except, uh, turns out they can.

Solar Power

Solar is getting cheap fast — pay attention, Very Serious People

Solar PV could be the cheapest source of electricity within 15 years. You'd think utilities, regulators, investors, and political leaders would want to take note.

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Charge your EV in 10 minutes flat

Pretty much no one wants to wait around for their theoretical EV to charge, which is one reason why people aren't buying them in droves yet. But in the near future, charging won't take more than 10 minutes, thanks to …

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What's the greenest business?

From Apple to News Corp.: Here's why we need new criteria to rank truly "green" companies.

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Disadvantaged teens build 160 MPG hybrid car

West Philadelphia High School has a dropout rate of more than 50 percent, and 85 percent of students are low-income. But instead of making trouble in their neighborhood, getting in one little fight, or even shooting some B-ball outside of …

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Virgin Atlantic plans to halve jet fuel’s carbon footprint using industrial gas

Virgin Atlantic is promising that within a few years, they'll be able to make their long haul flights with half the carbon impact that their jet fuel creates now. The key technology here captures gases from steel production and makes them …

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The Washington Post's boneheaded conventional wisdom on Solyndra

The Washington Post is spouting the Very Serious Conventional Wisdom: government is a "crappy" venture capitalist that shouldn't be picking winners.


Critical List: Invasive species jump the border; Gulf sheen not BP’s fault

While U.S. border monitors were busy looking for terrorists in cargo containers, a slew of invasive species slipped unnoticed into the country. Whatever that sheen in the Gulf is, it's not BP's fault, okay?? If carbon is a risk (and it is!), the …