Business & Technology

Y can't hotels read

Rejecting free savings out of sheer dumbness: common!

A famous social science experiment shows how hotels could save 20% of their laundry costs for free. Apparently they haven't bothered to read it.

The Myth of "Concentrated Energy"

Which has a bigger footprint, a coal plant or a solar farm?

It's a common assumption about energy that fossil fuels like coal are "concentrated"� and renewable sources are "diffuse." But it's not true.

There, they said it again

Another report, another BP bashing

Sure, we've heard it before, but the latest conclusion that BP dropped the ball big time comes from a group that knows how to run a big oil rig.

Hint: Inflatable wind turbines

GE names first winners of $200 million Ecomagination Challenge

Windows that darken to keep out summer heat are among the innovations from green-tech entrepreneurs scoring big bucks from GE.

Better innovate than never

Climate action plan: Innovate first, regulate later

Technology policy -- not carbon caps -- is our best hope for fighting climate change.

Are phone books a right?

Yellow Page publishers sue Seattle

As promised, Yellow Page publishers have sued to overturn a law in Seattle that lets people opt out of receiving paper phone books.


Can professional sports do more than politics to save the planet?

Pro sports teams are greening stadiums, forging corporate partnerships with green themes, and encouraging sustainable practices among fans.

Kids these days

Young greens, old greens, and cities

San Francisco Chronicle columnist John King has a smart piece on the "generation gap" between old-school environmentalists suspicious of urban development and younger greens who see density as essential.

Focus on the future

Ford's first all-electric car to be sold in 20 cities in 2011

Bummed you don't live in a city that will get the Nissan Leaf or the Chevrolet Volt next month? Wait another year and the electric Ford Focus will roll into town.