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good news for your "solar texas"

Shell Oil pays $6 million for clean air violations, Texas schools use funds to go solar

$2 million of a $6 million settlement over Clean Air Act violations will be spent to help Texas schools go solar.

law and border: eco victim's unit

EPA captures latest environmental fugitive on 'Most Wanted' list

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency just nabbed the latest fugitive on its Most Wanted list. Hiding out in the Dominican Republic, this convict was on the run for giving green jobs a bad name.

The Golden State's clean sweep

California exceptionalism or a rising green tide? [UPDATED]

The defeat of Prop 23, which would have suspended California's landmark climate law, marked the emergence of a bipartisan, enviro-business coalition.

Climate Change World Series

Giants' win cheers Prop 23 opponents as the polls open

Opponents of Proposition 23, the California ballot measure that would suspend the state's global warming law, are hoping the San Francisco Giants' win over the Texas Rangers augurs well for the outcome of the election.

progress report

Taking on the global energy investment challenge

A report released today provides a progress report on commitments to clean energy development in China, India, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Stop HACCPing us

Shutdown of two small cheesemakers raises more doubts about food-safety legislation

The FDA has a long history of going after small food producers for seemingly minor problems, and leaving the big ones to do their thing -- no matter how serious their transgressions. Perhaps that's why …

Energy lessons from Manhattan to Marrakech

At the World Economic Forum in Marrakech last week, I expected to hear the sustainability challenges of the Middle East and North Africa described in some detail -- from education to health care, from women …

Why weight?

Nutritionist Marion Nestle fingers the missing calories in America's big binge

America, ever obsessed with diet and health, is stumped by the problem of obesity. Figuring out what to eat really isn't that hard, says author and food systems researcher Marion Nestle. If this basic human …

The Flawed Squad

Is Halliburton the real heavy in the Gulf oil explosion?

Dick Cheney's old outfit is back in the line of fire for mixing "unstable" cement.