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Hug it out

Nissan’s smug (?), cute (?), ironic (?) polar bear Leaf ad

A Nissan ad shows a polar bear lumbering down from the Arctic to embrace a commuter in a hug -- a thank-you for driving the fully electric Leaf sedan.

Reds see green opportunities

Report: China overtakes U.S. as best country for green investors

A new Ernst & Young study confirms that China has now surpassed the U.S. as the most attractive place for green tech investment.

The Kids Aren't All Right

A shopping center tries to repel teens with the buzz of a powerful Mosquito

D.C.'s Gallery Place has gotten so fed up with teens lounging near the property that they've imported a device called the Mosquito to drive them off.

Slavery in your salsa?

To establish 'integrity,' Chipotle Grill needs to stand against farmworker abuse

Chipotle Grill won't live up to its "integrity" slogan until it stands with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers against slavery.


If BP had a carnival ride …

It might look something like this.

sorry, we just can't say it

BP report makes you wonder: This is 'safety first'?

Reaction to BP's report from its internal investigation of the Gulf explosion has been almost all negative.

A win-win

Big league sports join the green team, score with solar

An alliance between sports and the green community has American pro leagues urging teams to solarize their stadiums. Some teams are ahead of the game

Partners in slime

BP report says there's plenty of blame to spread around for Gulf explosion

BP accepts some responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon explosion, but also points fingers at its partners, in a report released today.

when xtreme farmers market

The greatest wannabe junk food on the planet — 'extreme baby carrots'

If only vegetables had bright packaging, adrenaline-packed commercials, and millions of dollars for marketing campaigns! Maybe then they could compete with the glitzy success of junk food. Or they could go the route of "baby …