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Business & Technology

Walmart to go 100 percent renewable … in Canada

As the world's biggest, union-bustingest retailer, gigantic sack of Chinese lead paint chips Walmart has the opportunity to push more money at sustainability than pretty much anybody else on the planet. Which is why the company, like IKEA before it, …

Business & Technology

'Carbon recycling' makes fuel directly from air

At Sandia National Laboratories, a giant array of mirrors heats rings of metal oxides to 2,550 degrees F, allowing a beer-keg-size reactor to produce carbon monoxide or hydrogen gas out of CO2 or water. The result is known as syngas, …

Business & Technology

Solar-powered bulb brings both light and commerce to developing countries

Steve Katsaros, inventor of the Nokero solar-powered lightbulb, recently told CNN that he decided to sell his bulbs rather than give them away even though it runs counter to the traditional model of aid to the developing world.


Lake Michigan has become unfishable

While lobster fishermen in the Long Island Sound are stubbornly — but just barely — hanging on, people who depended on the fishing stock in the Great Lakes for their livelihood can no longer make it. Lake Michigan is a …

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Record-breaking electric car gets 1,000 miles to the charge

What's that? Could it be the whip-crack of range anxiety being dragged out back and shot?

Business & Technology

How do you calculate your plastic footprint?

Companies are on board with reporting their carbon usage, but what about the amount of plastic they produce? It's a different sort of problem than carbon emissions, but although the negative impacts of humanity's plastic habit have been known for …

Sustainable Business

Paul Hawken pays tribute to green-biz visionary Ray Anderson

Ray Anderson, a pioneering sustainable business leader, passed away Monday. At a Thursday memorial service, Paul Hawken paid tribute with this eulogy.

Green Cars

The EV-hater's guide to hating electric cars

If you listen to mainstream media, you already know electric vehicles are a dismal failure. Here's a list of reasons why, in case you need help defending your EV-hating position.

Business & Technology

IKEA to go 100 percent renewable, starting with 67 wind turbines

Lots of companies talk about going green, but the scale of Swedish furniture retailer IKEA's ambition is breathtaking. In its quest to get 100 percent renewable, the firm skipped right over the usual, intermediate step of buying renewable power from …