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Shell's ironic vision of carbon capture

Shell greenwashes with a full-page WaPo ad

Shell’s Mad Men win the 2008 award for the most unintentionally ironic greenwashing ad. On Monday (and again today), Shell ran a full-page ad in the Washington Post on carbon capture with this image: Yes, Shell is apparently trying to catch CO2 with a net! Let’s hope they have better luck than either the Bush administration or the rest of the world. Here is the full text of the ad (online here), which has an unintentionally amusing headline: In the new energy future, we’ll need to think the impossible is possible. The world needs to tackle CO2 emissions. Carbon capture …

Bank of America will stop funding mountaintop-removal mining

In a big win for environmentalists, Bank of America agreed Wednesday to “phase out financing” to coal companies “whose predominant method of extracting coal” is mountaintop-removal mining. Green groups recently persuaded several BoA execs to visit ravaged Appalachian mountains. Ironically, the U.S. EPA just this week approved a rule change that makes mountaintop removal easier.

BofA disses MTR

New policy would divest bank from mountain obliteration

In light of the crappy news from the EPA, which seems ready to make mountaintop removal coal mining easier by loosening restrictions on burying Appalachian streams with mining rubble (when’s the “protection” part of this agency going to speak up?), there’s this bit of hope in NRDC’s blog about Bank of America, which just revised its “coal policy” [PDF] after some execs visited the region and did some flights over the affected areas. The policy says in part that it will "phase out financing of companies whose predominant method of extracting coal is through mountain top removal. While we acknowledge …