Business & Technology

Small change

Millennials not looking for McMansions (unless they have to move back in with the parents)

Will Generation Y choose to live in smaller spaces and more walkable communities than their parents did?

How to spell "BP"

Did we learn anything from the BP oil spill?

The National Oil Spill Commission has given marching orders on how to prevent another disaster. But will Congress listen?

Buying the PV farm

Report: Big solar thermal power's days are numbered

Competition from ever-cheaper photovoltaic panels could cool demand for solar thermal.

The quarter-trillion-dollar opportunity

Global investment in green energy hit record in 2010

Venture capitalists, corporations, and governments worldwide pouring $243 billion into wind farms, solar power, electric cars, and other technologies.

Growing electrons

California utility signs 831-megawatt photovoltaic farms deal

Seven new solar farms would have the capacity at peak output to power more than 540,000 homes.

Red giant

Deal signed in big China solar project

The world's largest photovoltaic project, a massive 2,000-megawatt solar power plant complex, is finally moving forward in China.

Work hard, ray hard

Solar thermal industry set to boom

A new report says that employment in the solar thermal collector industry jumped 22 percent in 2009 from the previous year.

ten dollar milkshakes, half off every day

$5-a-gallon gas can be good for the environment — if we seize the moment

John Hofmeister's prediction that gasoline prices could hit $5 per gallon represents an enormous challenge and an important opportunity.

Eyes on a Clean Energy Prize

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is $2.2 million equivalent of a Nobel Prize for clean, sustainable energy recognizing individuals, non-profits, and companies that are doing the most to commercialize and distribute renewable energy to replace …