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As material prices fall, U.K. grapples with mounds of un-recycled recyclables

Thousands of tons of recyclables in the United Kingdom — including bottles, cans, and newspapers — are sitting un-recycled following the sudden collapse of materials prices a few weeks ago. Recycling companies are asking the government to ease regulations temporarily to allow them to store the mountains of rubbish in secured warehouses and former military bases until prices rise again.

Shilled to pieces

On election day, King Coal celebrates public relations ‘landslide’

Originally posted at the Wonk Room. —– The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), the coal industry’s propaganda front group, is upbeat about this election day, as indicated by their press release today. ACCCE VP Joe Lucas claimed: If “support for the use of coal for generating electricity” were on the ballot today, it would win by a landslide. His choice of words is unfortunate, as landslides are only one of the many deadly hazards of coal mining, especially under the lax safety enforcement of the Bush administration. ACCCE is celebrating a poll that showed their $50 million propaganda …

Ethanol industry struggling

Big Ethanol, once all the rage, is tanking under the triple threat of inconsistent corn costs, the shaky economy, and falling prices for the product. Plans for new plants have been put on hold, and several companies have filed for bankruptcy; many analysts say significant consolidation is in the cards.

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