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Media eats crow

Green tech is still selling

I have been quite critical of the mainstream media for using the global recession to attack clean tech. One reason the storyline was lame is that a recession this deep is going to hit all new capital projects. A second reason is that there had been no evidence that clean tech was being harder hit than any other sector and some reason to believe it would be hit less hard. And, of course, the election of a Barack Obama means there is going to be a massive infusion of funding for clean tech. While it is premature to say that …

Conspiracy theory or economic theory?

Is cheap gas OPEC’s way of robbing Obama of his clean energy initiative?

Why have gas prices dropped so low, so quickly, and so soon after endless proclamations of a future of $200/barrel oil? The New York Times thinks that it has something to do with a drop in demand and a lack of unity amongst OPEC member-states. My friend Gregorio has no time or such naivete. According to him, the reason gas prices are so low is that OPEC is afraid that Obama might, you know, actually do something about jumpstarting a transition away from petroleum. Cheap gas is OPEC’s way of pre-preemptively sucking the wind out of Obama’s clean-energy sails. Discuss.

Bail big or bail home

As long as the feds are restructuring auto companies, why not drag them into the 21st century?

The New Republic has an interesting article up from two bona fide experts on the auto industry (who are not employed by the industry), contributing to a discussion where ideas have been plentiful but expertise lacking. They recommend a bailout road map that stops short of Chapter 11 but involves fairly substantial restructuring. Interesting reading, but I have nits to pick with this: The government could set one final set of goals, not so much to address a lingering failure but to advance an important social goal: fighting climate change. Each company seeking funds could commit itself to exceed, by …