Business & Technology

The Na'vi say no

James Cameron, Gordon Moore take on Prop 23

James Cameron and other celebrity donors helped the No on 23 campaign amass a $25.8 million war chest to defeat California's Proposition 23.

Double Down syndrome

Memo to KFC: Using butts to sell breasts isn't new — just a new low

Why KFC's new Double Down marketing campaign is doubly gross.


IBM’s OneCity urban fix-it game

IBM is hyping its new flash video game, OneCity, which is sort of a hybrid between SimCity and a well-produced commercial.

A little gas

Is the Chevy Volt really an electric car?

The Chevy Volt will be in showrooms soon and that's raising the question of whether it's an electric car wannabe.

Big fish, small ponds

Walmart doubles down on local food

For the second time, the global retail giant Walmart, by far the nation's largest grocer, is rolling out an initiative to localize its food buying.

Their aim is true

Silicon Valley enlists Steve Jobs' wife, Elvis Costello in Prop 23 fight

Laurene Jobs, wife of Apple founder Steve Jobs, donated $200,000 to defeat California's Prop 23 that would suspend the state's global warming law.


American companies don’t want tar-sands oil on their logos, creating an opening

The most promising responses to the tar sands are the ones that shrink the demand for oil. Shaming companies that use tar-sands oil might help too.

King Corn, meet King Pyrrhus

EPA hands the ethanol lobby a hollow victory

The corn lobby got what it's been clamoring for: the EPA lifted its "blend wall" on ethanol mixes to 15 percent. There's a catch, though, that will make King Corn's victory downright Pyrrhic.

bin there, done that

Car recycling bins are finally here!

You know, when you're ready to trade in your car for bike.