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Solar City

Blue-collar desert town goes green

Lancaster, Calif., has embarked on a program to solarize the community -- and that includes the home ballpark of the minor-league Lancaster JayHawks.

follow the money

Reducing (massive) fossil-fuel subsidies as key as carbon price in the climate fight

In a low-key way, the last few days at the Cancun climate talks accomplished more than I have seen at a climate meeting for some time.

Mug ring busted

Helpful raw-milk-drinking mom threatened with prosecution

For the last seven years, Rae Lynn Sandvig, a mother of four, has been helping a local dairy farmer distribute unpasteurized milk to 35 or 40 friends and neighbors in the Minneapolis suburbs. Then she …

It's raining ten, hallelujah!

Top 10 green stories of 2010

From California to China, Bill Clinton to Jonathan Franzen, Monsanto to BP, denial to death, here are the stories that mattered most this year.

Photovoltaic finish

California approves more Big Solar projects

The California Energy Commission on Wednesday approved two more big solar thermal power plants, ending the year having green-lighted a total of nine projects that would generate 4,142.5 megawatts if all were built.

Reap what you sow, jerks

Smithfield caught on tape abusing mama pigs

The Humane Society managed to sneak an inspector into a vast Smithfield hog breeding factory. You'll never guess what the pork giant gets up to behind its famously well-guarded doors.

NRG's solar shopping spree

Fossil fuel giant is betting on a bright future in solar

National climate change legislation may be dead as global warming skeptics take power in Congress. But if you want to see where some big businesses think the future of energy lies, pay attention to NRG …

Reclaimed floors are so 1990s

U.K. chef goes from zero-waste restaurants to affordable co-op supermarket [VIDEO]

When restaurants brag about how green they are, they've usually just switched to compostable takeout containers. But to chef Arthur Potts Dawson, that isn't enough.

Socialized driving

Making car-sharing a carbon-sharing service

The internet has brought us peer-to-peer music sharing and peer-to-peer lending. Now get ready for peer-to-peer car sharing.