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GM asking students to help greenwash

How my intern stood up to Big Auto

Even as it begs for a big taxpayer bailout, GM is still spending billions on marketing, peddling its giant gas-guzzlers to Americans who want them less and less. It has even got the cash to try and enlist college students in its efforts to greenwash. My intern, Meg Imholt, is also the president of EcoSense, American University’s environmental group, and happened to be the target of GM’s latest cynical marketing attempt, which she chronicled on Greenpeace’s blog: Usually filled with listserv emails, notes from Mom, and reminders from professors, rarely anything stirring appears in my Inbox. However, Saturday brought …

Panels for Powell's!

Northwest bookstore goes solar, gets compared to candy

Photo: Thomas Hawk Hearing the news that Oregon darling Powell’s Books is getting a crapload of solar panels is akin to learning that Santa recycles or Mother Teresa loved to compost. Yep, Powell’s — especially the block-long location in downtown Portland with color-coded rooms — is that beloved. Construction has already started on a 100-kilowatt PV system topping the warehouse in northwest Portland. And in December, Powell’s will start using the sun’s juice from one of Oregon’s biggest solar panel installations, which will reportedly pay for itself in five years. And for all you Doubting Debbies, sure, the Northwest is …

Powell’s Books goes partly solar

Independent bookseller Powell’s Books, based in Portland, Ore., will go partly solar next month with a 100-kilowatt solar system affixed to its warehouse that will provide enough juice to power about one-quarter of its online bookstore,, that’s housed inside.