Business & Technology

A solar gamble

Feds approve first solar farm on government land in Nevada

The Obama administration's solar boom continues. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar signed the first lease for a huge solar project on federal Nevada land

New duds

What Monsanto’s fall from grace reveals about the GMO seed industry

Once the darling of Wall Street and the Darth Vader of the agribiz universe, Monsanto has fallen on hard times. The reason may have to do with the essentially over-hyped nature of GMO technology.

Feeling lucky?

Google makes big bet on offshore wind power along East Coast

Google is backing an underwater power transmission system that could bring a wind turbine boom to the Atlantic.

more than meets the IT

Are Google's self-driving cars actually signs of Transformers' imminent world domination?

The world is pumped that Google is passing mile markers on the road to creating a fully automatic automobile. But let's consider what we got the last time robot vehicles were allowed to freely roam …

go with the dough

Big Oil money pouring back into California to boost Prop 23

The flow of out-of-state oil money into California to block the state's cutting edge greenhouse-gas law keeps getting stronger.

Do you FTC the truth?

Green fraud is even more harmful than greenwashing

The Federal Trade Commission proposed guidelines to address greenwashing. It's a worthy effort, but they should go beyond greenwashing and tackle green fraud

Oilpocalypse Revisited

Scathing report on BP oil disaster from presidential commission

The presidential commission on the BP oil spill has issued several draft reports on contentious topics, from dispersants to oil-flow estimates.

the taste you grave

SunChips not-so-quietly buries its noisy compostable bags

Which is noisier: the SunChips compostable bag or the snacklash from chip-eaters who prefer their chips to crunch more loudly than the packaging? For now, it's RIP (but not in a compost pile) for the …

Just Deserts

Obama administration approves first big solar projects to be built on federal land

The Obama administration just leased government land in the California desert for two huge solar power plants, and more solar leases are on the way.