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Air Raid

Prop 23 campaigns begin television battle for undecided voters

Ads from opponents and proponents of Proposition 23 debuted this week. Expect lots more as both sides vie for the 21 percent of undecided Californians

A Seep in the Deep

Expert says 50 percent of spilled BP oil remains in Gulf

Scientist Ian MacDonald sure isn't buying the Obama administration's sunny spin that 75 percent of it is gone. He suspects a whole lot of goo is now buried out there.

the name game

Grocery stores try setting up fake farmers markets

Farmers markets have got a good thing growing. Unfortunately, copycats have been cropping up as they try to get their paws on the green that comes with that success.

Green for all

No on Prop 23 campaign rakes in cash as enviro justice advocates join the fight

Two new polls differ on how Prop 23 may fare in November. Donations have been pouring in. Check out our graphic to see who is giving what to whom.

In a green economy, even the non-green jobs are green

Has touting 'green jobs' been a mistake?

Has promoting green job creation instead of focusing on the environmental benefits really been the best political strategy?

Does this make my asphalt look fat?

Shell serves up a tasty crude oil 'salad'

Now I like a good vinaigrette, but this old Shell ad is a little too heavy on the oil for me. Petrole-yum?

Headless chicken companies

Revelations from the House egg-recall hearing

On Wednesday, the House hauled in major players from the 550-million egg recall. Some squawked like caged hens. Others kept their beaks shut. Analysis follows.

Taxes to grind

Big Oil and green groups slug it out in dueling ad campaigns

'Tis the season for attack ads. We're already getting a taste from dueling campaigns featuring Big Oil whining about "energy taxes" and green groups calling them on it.

Watts Up?

GE plugs into Better Place, Sharp buys California solar developer

General Electric and Sharp just hooked up with two green tech startups: Better Place and Recurrent Energy.