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keep on pushin'

Beware of drug pushers in Cancun

Beneath so much apparent agreement in Cancun lies the real truth -- some of its loudest delegates also those pushing for dirty coal.

elevated parking

The most secure bike lock in the world (16-second video)

The drawbacks seem to be (1) it looks a little heavy to carry around and (2) if I were a bike thief, I can't imagine a challenge more fun to take on than stealing a …

Greenpeace Sues Dow, Sasol, Dezenhall for Corporate Spying, RICO

Today, Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against Dow Chemical, Sasol North America (which owns CONDEA Vista), and PR firms Dezenhall Resources and Ketchum, for hiring private investigators to steal documents from Greenpeace, tap our phones and …

Cracking the safe

[UPDATED:] Risk, bacteria, and the tragedy of food-safety reform

Senate food-safety bill S. 510 doesn't address the big underlying problem: the hazard that comes from huge, concentrated factory farms.

Pulling the plug

Sunsetting of federal cash grant darkens solar industry's prospects

Unless Congress acts soon, renewable energy advocates will bid auld lang syne to a major federal cash grant program for big solar and wind projects.

Photovoltaic powerhouse

Is Texas the next solar state?

Despite Texas' intense sunshine and sky-high air-conditioning bills, it has lagged behind when it comes to solar power. But that could be changing.

Maized and confused

King Corn's bad pre-Thanksgiving week

Tomorrow, millions of people will feast on flavorless turkeys raised in tight quarters and stuffed with industrially produced, genetically modified corn. You'd think King Corn would be grinning ear-to-ear this week. Instead, His Majesty is …

Not just one bad egg

Latest exposé shows the egg industry's problems are widespread and systematic

Did you think ol' Jack DeCoster was the one bad egg spoiling the U.S. egg industry? Think again. A Humane Society investigation reveals the ugly truth.

the bust way to save energy

Bras give energy efficiency a sexy boost in Italy

An Italian lingerie company is offering to help women shrink their waste while supporting their busts (and the planet) with a bra recycling program that finally gives energy efficiency that sexy push-up it's been lacking.