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Business & Technology

If the ‘smart grid’ gets too smart it will destroy itself, says study

If our utility company gives us too much information about the price of electricity -- a cornerstone of the "smart grid" -- we'll probably use that information to crash the grid and cause massive blackouts, says a new study from …

Business & Technology

Oil monarch's $1.5 billion Star Trek theme park will run on green energy

King Abdullah of Jordan is probably the world's richest Star Trek fan, which explains why he's able to drop the GDP of Burundi on a theme park to celebrate his pop culture obsession.

Business & Technology

Wind turbines are about to become way more awesome

Wind power is pretty bad-ass to begin with, but conventional wisdom is that it's a "mature" technology that, unlike solar and other breakthrough energy technologies, won't be seeing much improvement in the coming decades. WRONGITY WRONG WRONG.

Sustainable Business

A green giant passes: Ray Anderson, sustainable-biz pioneer, dies at 77

Years before every business started angling to be seen as green, Ray Anderson set out to make his company Interface truly sustainable. He passed away today.

Business & Technology

U.K. media down on renewable energy

The news media often gets flack for its "balanced" reporting on climate change that gives undue credence to climate skeptics. But in the U.K., at least, high-circulation newspapers can’t even claim balance when it comes to renewable energy. The Guardian …

Business & Technology

Forget China; largest rare earth element deposit is under this Nebraska town

Perhaps you've heard that China has a worldwide monopoly on rare earth elements, without which the high-tech and cleantech world -- electric cars, computers, cell phones, wind turbines, smart meters, advanced batteries, the whole enchilada -- would grind to a …

Green Jobs

Majora Carter to launch national brand for local produce

The green-jobs activist behind the South Bronx Greenway now looks to create accessible jobs in food production.

Business & Technology

How to cover 100 percent of your car expenses by renting yours out

Getaround is a car-sharing service like ZipCar, except instead of borrowing the company's vehicles, you're borrowing your neighbors'.

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Solar-powered oil field runs on sunshine, irony

Put on your coal-fired vegan anti-irony helmets, because Oman is building a solar-powered oil field. Not because it will make them feel good or help them tamp down their emissions (I mean, this is oil they're digging up) but because …