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Sen. Lamar Alexander on making bipartisan energy progress

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) tells Grist why he's crossing party lines to slash energy company subsidies and pour money into cleantech research.

Green jobs by the numbers

Cleantech sectors saw explosive growth in 2003-2010, despite the Great Recession.

U.S. might meet its climate targets — by accident

How bad is the economy? So bad that we might actually meet our greenhouse gas emissions targets, laid out in 2009 at Copenhagen, by accident.

Germany has so much wind energy, they'll pay you to take it

How much will switching to renewables raise your utility bill? How about NEGATIVE ALL OF IT? In Germany, wind and solar projects have regularly been generating so much surplus energy that utilities are paying consumers to take it off the …

The future of fuel from trash [INFOGRAPHIC]

Keystone XL could be a terrorist target — and more from my post in the N.Y. Times

The Keystone XL pipeline could be a tempting target for terrorists. That's one of the points I make in a new "Room for Debate" post on the New York Times website.

Watch Consumer Reports fall in love with the Nissan Leaf

State Department and Keystone XL are BFFs, say emails

Hillary Clinton's former deputy national campaign director is now lobbying Clinton and the Department of State on behalf of TransCanada, the company that wants to lay 7,000 miles of pipe between Canada's tar sands and Texas refineries.

New wave of revelations about Koch Industries' unethical, illegal behavior

Koch Industries, the privately held petrochemical giant whose corporate personality can best be described as obsessive-compulsively evil, is at it again!