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Utility player

Fortune 500 energy and enviro veteran named chair of solar startup

In any industry, there are turning points that bear watching. BrightSource Energy, a California solar developer, announced John E. Bryson as its new chair.

Rooftop sale

Walmart says thin (solar) is in

By partnering with a US solar firm to install photovoltaic panels on 30 stores, Walmart gives U.S. solar a big boost in its competition with China.

Don't count your chickens if you can't count

The feds' oil-spill number games

Initial government estimates about the size of the Gulf oil spill were low -- way, way low.

Switching fields

Signs of a reverse brain drain, from finance to farms

Holton Farms' Community Supported Agriculture program is unusual for several reasons, not least because it's being run by a former Credit Suisse banker.

dead in the water

What's next for the Gulf, and other green news

The Macondo oil well is dead, but stories about the Gulf weren't capped with it. Find out about the state of the Gulf.

seep with the fishes

Obituary for an oil well

A nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico began with flames, billowing plumes of oil, and 24-7 media coverage. But the final death of the Macondo oil well reads much more like a gentle passing in …

scheme of californiacation

California's landmark climate law: Job killer or creator?

Proposition 23 proponents claim AB 32 will kill jobs and California should wait until unemployment rates drops to 5.5 percent. Is there truth to that?

He is the egg man

It's official: Jack DeCoster rules the U.S. egg roost

In my Monday post, I couldn't quite establish that "habitual violator" Jack DeCoster controls the largest U.S. egg conglomerate. But new information has emerged that allows DeCoster to be crowned definitively king.

In the black

Enviros step up fundraising to defeat California's Prop 23, oil industry pleas for money

Fundraising by the oil companies trying to kill California's AB 32 was so lackluster it prompted a plea for money from Big Oil.