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Not just one bad egg

Latest exposé shows the egg industry's problems are widespread and systematic

Did you think ol' Jack DeCoster was the one bad egg spoiling the U.S. egg industry? Think again. A Humane Society investigation reveals the ugly truth.

the bust way to save energy

Bras give energy efficiency a sexy boost in Italy

An Italian lingerie company is offering to help women shrink their waste while supporting their busts (and the planet) with a bra recycling program that finally gives energy efficiency that sexy push-up it's been lacking.

green envy

How green is Green Mountain Energy?

Green Mountain Energy sells renewable power, but the company has long had corporate ties to the fossil-fuel industry, and it's just been acquired by big utility NRG.


What the green building industry requires (in one paragraph)

The technology is available. There are loads of talented designers and architects eager to design buildings and places that make more sense than the ones they were born into. What's lacking is money.

R20 – A Carbon Rebel Alliance

A long, long time ago…in a galaxy far, far away…a group of states and provinces banded together in frustration that their national governments were held hostage by Big Oil & Coal and had been unable …

The gritty end of the stick

EPA targets polluters who do their business on poor communities

Whether it's coal ash or hazardous waste or just bad air, low-income neighborhoods are more likely to be dumped on.

Not Exactly Breaking News

Koch-funded Tim Phillips is still confused about climate change

Tim Phillips is an oil industry-funded, climate denial mouthpiece trying to convince Americans that climate change isn't happening.

feeling bluefin

E.U. abandons plans to cut critically endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna quotas

Pressure from France, Spain, and others has forced the E.U. to abandon previous plans to significantly cut quotas on Atlantic bluefin tuna next year.

I will pump the climate activism up

Arnold Schwarzenegger: My future as a green activist

What will outgoing Calif. governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's next role be in the global fight against climate change?