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Houston to deploy electric car charging network

The nation's oil capital, Houston, is making a bid to become the first city to deploy an electric car infrastructure.

a velvet revolution?

A cleantech revolution in four easy steps

Armond Cohen outlines the best ways to ease our transition into renewable power.

the free market to its own rescue!

Tech will solve the climate crisis faster than laws

Emphasizing technological innovation would render moot the debate about technology-first versus technology-only.

it'll help you lose weight

The other good thing about fighting climate change

Best fringe benefit of curbing emissions? A stronger economy says Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune.

the hawks heard 'round the world

Time for climate hawks to take to the hills?

It's time climate hawks heeded the lesson America's revolutionaries learned after they took a few drubbings at the hands of the British Redcoats.

'We’re going to make pretending to care the new caring'

Anatomy of a greenwash [VIDEO]

The good folks at Funny or Die have new video skewering Chevron's cynical "We agree" ad campaign.

overstated and underpaid

For EPA regulations, cost predictions are overstated

Research shows that environmental regulations end up costing far less than both industry and the EPA predict.

Think again

Is the second time the charm for Norway's electric car?

The Norwegian Think may be the little guy in the electric car market, but they're hoping city-dwellers will find smaller EVs to be a perfect fit.

Y can't hotels read

Rejecting free savings out of sheer dumbness: common!

A famous social science experiment shows how hotels could save 20% of their laundry costs for free. Apparently they haven't bothered to read it.