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Business & Technology

How to cover 100 percent of your car expenses by renting yours out

Getaround is a car-sharing service like ZipCar, except instead of borrowing the company's vehicles, you're borrowing your neighbors'.

Business & Technology

Solar-powered oil field runs on sunshine, irony

Put on your coal-fired vegan anti-irony helmets, because Oman is building a solar-powered oil field. Not because it will make them feel good or help them tamp down their emissions (I mean, this is oil they're digging up) but because …

Business & Technology

Nissan wants you to power your house with your electric car

What if you could buy power at night, when it's cheap, and run your house off it by day, when it's expensive (and, in Japan at least, in short supply)? Nissan wants to give customers who buy its Nissan Leaf …

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China working on solar yaks

China is going to increase its solar capacity 10-fold in the next five years. Driving this solar great leap forward will be the "feed-in tariff" -- Chinese citizens who install solar panels will be paid 15 cents for every kilowatt-hour …


Critical List: Wind power can be dangerous; the U.S. gets average marks on clean energy

Wind power's not entirely safe: A watchdog group warns that "one of these days, a turbine's going to fall on someone.” The U.S. gets a C for renewable energy development from an alternative energy analyst. Colorado's going to require fracking …

Green Cars

Representative Issa, please step away from the car deal

Everyone wins in Barack Obama's clean car agreement. Why did House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Darrell Issa launch an investigation?


What's next for clean energy

If we play to America's strengths in innovation, entrepreneurship, and out-of-the-box thinking, we can make the most of clean energy.

Business & Technology

LEDs can double as data transmitters, save even more energy

Here is one more totally awesome reason that we should be switching out incandescents for LED lightbulbs: a new technology means a single LED can transmit more data than a cellular tower. Prof. Harald Haas demonstrates in this TEDGlobal talk: …

Business & Technology

Making fuel-efficient cars will create hundreds of thousands of jobs

Jobs … who needs 'em? Not Congress, apparently. (The unemployed thank you for that debt deal! Or not.) But it turns out that the new fuel economy standards that President Obama announced last week will create jobs! Somewhere between about …