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Guitar Antihero 2: Lawless logging and slaughtered wildlife didn’t stop Gibson Guitar

A federal action accuses Gibson Guitar of importing wood from Madagascar, even after Chinese logging gangs pillaged the country's national parks.

Guitar Antihero 1: How Gibson Guitars made illegal logging a conservative cause célèbre

Republican leaders are bashing well-respected trade regs that protect American jobs. Behind the coup: Tea Party groups and Gibson Guitar.

Attention, pundits: We have the makings of a serious U.S. solar program

Three ambitious projects could put the U.S. on course for a major solar expansion -- if they get enough attention and support. Thomas Friedman, listen up!

Navy Secretary says getting off fossil fuels is just like ditching sail power

Ray Mabus, Secretary of the U.S. Navy, has a refreshing historical perspective on the Navy's efforts to end its dependence on our increasingly expensive and environmentally destructive supplies of oil. From a speech he recently gave at the National Clean Energy Summit 4.0: In …

Critical List: Energy Dept. picks more winners; natural gas boom comes to Ohio

The Department of Energy, always picking winners, you know? The first Quadrennial Technology Review, to be released today, favors technologies that could come into commercial use in 10 years — i.e. consumer goods you can spend money for. This could mean …

Engineers: We have all the tech we need to cut carbon

Apparently the world's engineers are getting sick of being told that cutting emissions is an engineering problem. Eleven of the biggest engineering organizations have released a joint statement saying, in effect, "You want carbon cuts? We can give you carbon …

Graph: The embarrassingly paltry sums government gives renewable energy

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Solyndra shows the government is doing its job, for once

Solyndra's failure isn’t an embarrassment for the government, says Joe Nocera in The New York Times. In fact, it’s exactly what we should expect from a government program designed to fund risky, early-stage technologies that wouldn't otherwise find traction among private-sector …

Getting the facts straight on green jobs

The past few weeks have seen a storm of misinformation on green jobs: What they are, how many there are, how much they contribute to the economy.