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Solar-powered ice cream truck unfolds like a Transformer

Shazam! Is it an Autobot, or an object lesson in the possibilities of distributed generation? We're grooving so hard to the soundtrack on this video that we can hardly tell. Unlike conventional ice cream trucks, which sit on the street …

Can Japan get off nuclear by 2012 without wrecking its economy?

A new plan for a massive shift to renewables could move Japan away from nuclear permanently, even as it creates hundreds of thousands of jobs for the country's ailing economy.

How Obama kinda completely missed the boat in his jobs speech

Let's you and me sit down and have some RealTalk™ for a minute: President Obama's jobs speech last night was about as good as it could get -- in the absence of any mention of the core driver of our …

Obama gives strong jobs speech, defends pollution standards

Obama’s big job speech exceeded expectations. He didn't mention clean energy by name, but he did emphasize that it's a core job-creating industry.

How Gmail saves energy

There are a lot of benefits to cloud computing. For instance, if you believe the commercials, it lets you replace your family’s heads with better heads! Also, it saves you storage space and means you can access your data with …

Could ammonia be the zero-carbon fuel we've been waiting for?

Ammonia would make a pretty handy, potentially carbon-free liquid transportation fuel, say engineers, and it could be produced right at gas stations using electricity from the grid, water, and air. 

The conservative game plan on energy subsidies

Some progressives and Democrats think they can work with Republicans to cut subsidies to dirty energy, but they're getting played.

Bear steals Prius

Here's a cautionary tale for hybrid owners: A Prius-owning family in California lost its car to a joy-riding bear. 

David Brooks' myth-ridden flip-flop on green jobs

The New York Times columnist continues the paper's vendetta against green jobs with a misleading piece filled with misinterpreted data.